Rebasing and Touching Up an Olde Eldar Figure

This classic Eldar miniature was originally painted back in the mid 1990s (I am sooo old!) and an unknown number of years has passed since then. The base was pretty bland and didn't match the rest of the Eldar I painted up at the time (he was meant as a character for a Rogue Trader-ish RPG that was very short lived). Also the base itself had a little defect in the side that has always bugged me. Well it finally came time to rip him off his base and give him a little touchup with decades (...soooo olde!) more painting experience. Here's what he looked like before being torn from the old base.

The CMON/Micro Art Studios plastic scenic base Kickstarter had a not-Eldar Craftworld set of bases that I got and have used for some Star Wars Imperial Assault miniatures because they look a little like something from Cloud City. The original plan for this set fo bases was to rebase the somewhat sizeable classic Eldar army I have in a box somewhere, but now this guy gets to be the first of those classic figures to get a new base...

There wasn't any radical overhaul, just better highlights here and there, some more distinguishing reds, his right shoulderpad got some colorshifting paint because that seems like a very Eldar thing to have. Oh, and the horns are not pre white now, still not as cool as I hoped but better .

Here we have our revitalized hero (I found his name- Enki'Va'Lurathi) alongside some more recent additions to the larger Eldar force (2013?!?!!). These close combat types are all based the way the rest of my classic Eldar minis are (some grass with some reddish rocks sprinkled about) so they'll probably be tossed in the queue to get the rebasing treatment.

And here we've got Enki with a MUCH more recent Eldar Outcast (actually a converted Mage Knight mini) who does not need to fit the likely new basing scheme for the larger Eldar force.

So now that Enki is in a mre pesentable state and I like the colors on the craftworld-style base I just need to get a ton more of those bases to pop all the old Eldar minis off their slotta bases and get tehm rebased.... this might take a backseat to some modern minis.


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