Reaper Bones 4 Cargo Containers

These 3 containers have been a bane to the painting area since the Bones 4 Kickstarter arrived. They'e just been in the way and often knocked over when looking for something else. The only solution left to me was to get them painted up quick and dirty style.

Since one of the main selling points of the Bones minis in general is that you can paint them without needing to prime them first. So I decided to put that to the test with these. Straight onto the bare plastic with a dark reddish brown using a drybrushing type of technique. Sadly, later on into the process I discovered that the brush I was using had been randomly shedding hairs into the paint! I tied to get most of the most obvious hairs off the containers but there are still some here and there.

After a few more layers of different lighter colors on each I went for a quick brown wash that also got used on the insides of each. They each have doors that open and many a mini can fit inside for an unpleasant surprise mid-game, so I figured a quick coat of this wash inside would be sufficient to make the inside passable.

I like this Yellow one better than the 'rusty' style ones. I got so tired of using the reddish brown on the two larger ones so I decided to add some muted yellow into the paint and it turned out as a pleasant surprise.

Here we have all three of the new containers with the Hasslefree Space Girl, an old Warzone miniature conversion, and a Space Marine to give a better idea of how 28mm minis stack up next to them.

Here we've got the new ones with the original style container from the first Bones Kickstarter (also the prepainted laser-cut container from 4Ground can be seen in the background). The opening doors are a nice addition. I have another of the original style painted up in a dirty white color and yet another that is still unpainted. These make some great terrain and you can configure them in almost infinite ways...


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