Vastra-J 'Jenny' Hover Cargo Barge Trash Bash Vehicle

The next style of the 'Paternoster Gang' inspired hover vehicles is the Jenny, or Vastra-J. Built from parts of Mush Oatmeal containers, this one is meant more for cargo than the Vastra (see here for more on that model). A Space Marine and a human Female Trooper have kindly posed next to the Jenny above.

The cargo area is two Mush lids overlapped for strength and to give a larger area for the cargo to fit. The floor is covered with a section of a breakfast plate from a fast food place, those little nubbins just could not go to waste!

While the original Vastra design was inspired by the skiffs from Return of the Jedi, the Jenny shows that inspiration even more, I think. The crew compartment is very sparse on detail mainly because when there are minis in there you're not going to be able to see any controls or anything so it seemed like more trouble than it was worth to put anything in there. The floor of the crew compartment has some hot glue texturing just to help the minis resist sliding around on the flat slippery surface.

The base is an improvement over the Vastra with a wider glue stick off cut that provides better stabilization for the magnetic join. A CD provides a good stable base for the model and some thicker wire dangly bits/cables help keep it upright when heavier miniatures are on deck. On the underside you can see the 3 antigrav engines (Mush container spoons) that help give the Jenny superior lift capabilities.

Along the port and starboard sides are a couple of wooden coffee stirrers with short ladders from some kit or other. Although these coffee stirrers fit in with the barge concept, I don't really like how they turned out.

Here we have the Jenny performing it's main function, carrying cargo. The Mechanic Girl and her Servitors will have little trouble offloading the cargo when they arrive at their destination.

But the Jenny can also serve other civilian purposes- like a setting for the latest Plasmique Butterfly music video...

And here we can see what the Jenny looks like with some terrain and other cargo (one of the Reaper Bones 4 cargo containers- it just fits and that was a pleasant surprise!).

But how does it compare to the original Vastra design? I'm glad you asked...

So what's next for this functional design? Well, I've got plans for a Straxxed (messed up) version that look a little something like this:

This will be a terrain piece rather than a useable video. I just need to find some strong enough wire to use to keep the antigrav part of the wreck up and stable enough to handle a couple of minis.


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