'Tech Thingy' Scatter Terrain Piece


Another Lame Terrain piece (lame because it was so simple it's a disappointment that I didn't do it earlier)- this time a-- tech thingy to help block movement and line of sight and just make the tabletop look more interesting. Yes, it's an old printer cartridge with a bunch of stuff (including poker chips and bits of sprues and some other stuff) glued onto it. No, I don't know what the purpose of this machine is. Maybe it's got something to do with atmosphere scrubbing, or it's part of the galactic information network, or maybe even a really overengineered vending machine...

Here's what it looked like with all the bits glued onto it. I used a mix of hot glue and super glue to attach stuff.

I wanted to have a little platform that a mini could easily stand on because that would be cool. So that's why the bigger part of the poker chips went onto the side. I decided the other part of the chips should go on the other side for a little balance.

Here we have the Wandering Tech Priest and his Apprentice with he repainted Karman investigating this mysterious machine...

And here's another view of Plundahr and two of his troopers.



  1. Excellent stuff! I may have a game of 40K over the Christmas break for which I need a piece of terrain to blow up; I think I will steal your idea lol.

    1. Excellent, go for it! It's got a good heft to it so it's not going to knock over unless you're really trying to. I'd love to see what others do with the idea.


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