September SF Minis Month2- Cal Rzyan and some Olde Eldar

A slight conversion of one of the Chronoscope minis from the Bones Kickstarter yields 'Space Scoundrel Cal Rzyan'...

And now for some very old Eldar figs. I really love the old Jes Goodwin sculpts from the Rogue trader and early 40K days. I have a lot of not well painted Eldar minis and several partially painted that I'm coming back around to, including these, some of them needed some fixing due to damage during a move.

 This female Eldar sculpt is one of my favorites. I think I've done 3 or 4 of this body with various arms. I'm also a sucker for the shurikenfist and I've made a few in the past. Her sword was damaged a couple of moves back and I fixed it and extended the grip so it would look a little more Eldar-y.

 Another shurikenfist (an earlier design than the one above). At the time I put this guy together I thought "eh, he's okay but nothing special'- now that he's painted he's become a favorite.

 Nothing done to this one, just finally finished painting. I love the old wrist-mounted weapons of some of the oldest Eldar sculpts...

 Finally, this really old sculpt lost his head and whatever pistol he had in his left hand. I gave him a plastic helmet (that needs some touchup revealed by the pics) and a sword from the WarGods line of minis.


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