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Tech Bazaar 15- Pipewerks and Another Tech Tower

  The expansion of the Tech Bazaar continues... This latest 'tech tower' is made of a hummus snack pack bowl for the base with a packing tape core, yakult-style bottle, used covid test, and other random bits. I almost did some graffiti but since none of the other pieces for the Tech Bazaar have had it I decided against it. Instead I created a new glyph for a couple of the larger blank areas. Below we have Ivgor and Klarentz going about their duties. Some time ago I used one of the corner protectors for a TV or monitor to make the relay station . Well now the other corner protector is completed as a 'pipewerks' a place for pipes to do their work, or whatever it is they do here. The 'sign' on the side was a random bit of round plastic from some packaging that fit nicely. I got to come up with even more random glyphs for the big empty space. Here we've got a couple of different views of the pipewerks with some 28mm figures. I really like how the old Void plasti

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