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The Three Hive Scummers

From one of the the Black Crab/Andrew May Necropolis Scum Kickstarters, three more weirdos painted up. Two have gotten minor conversions to make them into techno/underhive scum. They might be the Three Stooges of the underhive. First is this armless guy with no modification. I like painting each layer of the rags on these guys different colors. I think this poor guy came out okay.  Here are the conversions on the next two.  Next is this big guy who sort of reminds me of a manatee. He got a couple power canisters on his back and a big mechadendrite. Finally we've got the smart one (because he's got glasses). He got a cyber left hand and a big power canister. I'm pretty happy how his red robes turned out. 

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