Friday, March 4, 2011

Some BCB Order Progress- Bases

So today (mere moments ago) I got a little time to mess around cleaning and basing some of the Black Cat Bases figs from the previous posting. I didn't get into the Orang family conversions yet (still thinking it through to be sure I have everything i need/want to make them excellent) but the other half of the order is ready for paint!

As per jpattern2's request on TMP-- here are a couple of side by side pics of the Female Scientist and the Self Experiment Scientist. She's a little shorter than him, but he IS on a little bit of an integral base, so depending on how you base them they're roughly the same height....

Then there's the little Alien Conjurer dude. He looks much better with that nasty mold line removed-- but then I realized that his right eye is a little less defined than the left one. I'm not sure if I'll handle that with paint or give him a techy monocle to cover that up...

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