Thursday, October 18, 2012

100th Post Extravaganza

100 posts?

Lets go for another hundred then.

First off the Extravaganza part of this 100th post--
Okay, it's only a comparison pic of the Aspect of the Huntress conversion and the much earlier Aspect of the Defendrix conversion for WarGods. The one has a size advantage but the other is scrappy...

From GencCon 2011, the Crocodile Games Crypt Lord Event Mini. Finally painted to add to the shambling horde of undead for WarGods.

And finally, another Lame Terrain piece I'm calling the "Multigenre Can."

Based on a standard CD. This thing can represent anything from a bit of space debris that made it through the atmosphere to an ancient unknowable ruin to pretty much anything in between and beyond

Kabal Troopers (Warzone plastic Ducal Militia) secure their objective to recover whatever cargo survived the impact...

Two Nekharu Warriors stand guard as the Priest of Apophis begins his chant to awaken the beast nestled withing this ancient ruin from the previous age...

And finally, the Minismith attempts to seal the unthinkable cosmic horrors back into their extra-dimensional prison...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kabal Pyramid Wing Repaint and Leader (Warzone Ducal Militia)

Plastic Warzone Bauhaus Ducal Militia figures painted as a multi-use opposition/alternate force for sci-fi skirmishes. All but the bare-headed one were painted years and years ago when the Warzone boxed set came out. And then Warzone died and they were not joined by any of their brethren to make a larger force. That's going to change sometime soon and it starts now.

This is an example of the quick and dirty painting these guys got before. Not bad but really not good. Gloss top coat? Heck...

 Then came the Cinco de Mayo plastics explosion blogpost LINK, and this guy was assembled as a hero/leader. And now he's painted, bringing new life to the whole "Kabal Project."

Since he was getting painted I thought it would be good to repaint/fix the earlier troopers so that they'd fit in together with their new leader. Shoulder pads and squad markings were redone. The gasmasks were redone and some of the pouches and packs were gussied up as well.

There's a rough plan for the Kabal to grow to include a larger "Wing" of these guys with some Void Commandos as scouts/commandos and some other Void and Warzone minis as more elite troops.

 For now, this is the extent of the Kabal Expeditionary Force. Definitely more to come...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2 "Space Cops" Kev White Starfleet Security

A long time ago Kev White sculpted some figures for a line of Star Trek rpg minis. At the time I found them I got one painted (the guy). Soon after he was done I started painting the female one. After several years of her being partly painted I finally got her done this past weekend.

Comparison with Void Marine Sgt conversion sculpted by Kev White...

Comparison with Grymn Female Space Pirate sculpted by Kev White...

Comparison with Wargames Foundry Shock Trooper...

Third Hunger Games Clix Repaint

Finally got this guy painted up so that there are 3 ultramodern civilians.

The cast of Three's Company 2099? There are 4 or 5 others waiting for paint so I can actually get a small crowd together.

Comparison with Wargames Factory Shock Trooper...

Comparison with Wargames Factory Female Zombie...

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Blood Widow- Aspect of the Huntress Completed!

Awhile back I had some pictures up of this conversion in progress (LINK to blogpost from last year). Well now she's finally finished and ready to take to the sands of Ægyptus at the head of an evil Typhon Warband....

Since the previous update I added a Skull Scarab from one of the 20mm Skull Scarab bases made by Alex Bates. This little guy joins a discarded spear and a damaged shield (also from Alex) to help pretty-up the base.

Aida The Blood Widow, Asar Citydweller of Tanis Harbinger of Set, in the Aspect of the Huntress. She will be a welcome addition to my ever-growing colection of WarGods miniatures.

Side by side with a slightly converted Crocodile Games Harbinger of Isis (the base mini for Aida's girly bits)...

Side by side with the Priest of Aten Revealed figure.

Shefdu Sootootma, Harbinger of Thoth, takes a turn at having his picture taken next to the new girl...

And finally, the Apohosphynx next to Aida.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

First Wargames Factory Zombie Vixen

I picked up the 5 boxes get 1 free deal at the Wargames Factory booth at GenCon. Two o the boxes were the Zombie Vixens (multi-part female zombies).

Finally got one of them put together and painted...

A quick and dirty paintjob for this unfortunate policewoman. I decided to leave the base grey with some touchup and then an ink wash to make it look like pavement.

Some comparison shots:
 With a WF Cthood Trooper

 With a rebased and repainted Hunger Games clix mini.

And finally with my 'self-portrait' conversion...

Many more to come (I got a box of the male zombies too)...

Monday, August 20, 2012

GenCon 2012- I Almost Didn't Make It

Ever since GenCon moved to Indy (in 2003!?!) I've gone and enjoyed it each year. This year I decided I would not go until Carlos at the Game Preserve made a persuasive argument on Saturday - "I'm gonna go on Sunday." That was it. And so I planned into the wee hours of Saturday night...

I'm glad I went and I must go next year to make it 10 GenCons in a row!

I bought lots of cool stuff that will eventually show up here, but first some mobile phone pics of some stuff I managed to get my phone out in time (or remembered to get my phone out) to get pictures of:

If I only had someplace to put one of these cool gaming tables.

Some pig guy minis from Wrath of Kings at the CoolMini booth.

At that one Cthulhu booth. The guy told me the secret is the goo is hand sanitizer! 

 Lifesize Warjack.

 This Dalek was freaking out at all the little kids trying to play with it. He would  screech "careful" and "keep your distance" at them.

Chainsaw wielding Zombie-killing cheerleaders!

 A very disturbing mini also at the CoolMini booth.

 Unfortunately both of these tshirts were sold out (the bottom one they only had size SMALL).

One of the chainsaw wielding zombie killing cheerleaders posed with some wasteland scum later... 

My quart of bases from the GF9 booth.

Hopefully some painted or at least WiP stuff soon.