Monday, May 20, 2019

2 Female Assassins and 2 Servo Skulls

Now for a couple of not-40K female assassins and a couple of scratchbuilt servo skulls.

Looking at the Servo Skulls first- these were both made with some resin skulls and random bits. Above we have a "spotter" skull. Below we have a "comms" skull. These were both put together at the same time as the not-Eversor lady, I thought a couple servo skulls would be appropriate companions for her as she cut swathes through troops on her way to the target.

Next up, from the first Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstars, Mortaria Noctis (a not-Vindicare assassin). She sat close to done for a couple of years until I finally pushed through my mental block to finish up the paint scheme I had chosen on. It's not the best paintjob ever but I'm glad to be done with her and it's not too bad.

Finally, from Excalibur Miniatures, one of their Sci-Fi Amazones. I replaced her tiny Bowie knife witha chainsword from Heresy Miniatures because I thought it would look more impressive. I added a plastic bit to her belt (the grenade and techy bit) to help make her a little more my own version of the mini. For the face, since she's a not-Eversor, I just had to do skull facepaint. This is somethign I've done on a few other minis in the past and I really like the look of it.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

4Ground Shipping Container

Nothing painted, this time, just a laser-cut pre-painted terrain piece.

From 4Ground, this shipping container took a little over an hour to assemble.

I picked this up at GenCon 2018 because I wanted more varied shipping containers (I think I have 3 of the original Reaper Bones containers and then the 3 different sized ones from the most recent Bones 4 Kickstarter). It's prepainted which seemed like a plus.

Here we have some comparison shots with the original Reaper Bones container design. I think they look pretty good together.

The 4Ground container has opening doors AND a removable section of the roof! Hasslefree Space Girl and others to show a size comparison with 28mm figures.

I picked up a few other laser cut shipping containers from another company, but these aren't pre-painted and I haven't gotten around to looking at them yet.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Some Mechanical Sentients (or Droids)

This time it just happened to be a lot of droids/robots that managed to find paint...

First up, a surveillance drone from the Sedition Wars Kickstarter. I mounted it ona thin wire because I thought it would look better than a clear plastic flying base. Pretty simple paintjob.

Next, one of two from the newly arrived Reaper Bones 4 Kickstarter. This is the female robot, Maria with a simple gold-ish paintjob.

And the second from the  Reaper Bones 4 Kickstarter- Alf in a cold metallic blue scheme. Nothing too fancy on either of them but it gets them out of the neverending painting queue...

Next up is one of the Gun Bots from the Rogue Stars line of minis. He's been dubbed "Ironhead" as a bounty hunter/assassin.
The rifle on his back was lost in my bits box, so I went with a plastic Dark Eldar rifle in a holster because it looked pretty good for him.

Finally, from Antenociti's Workshop we have an I-Bot, this one dubbed "Violet" for some reason. She reminds me of the olden days of the Cyberpunk RPG and the Chrome Book. Maybe it's just me.

And here are 2 other versions of this figure that I previously painted.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Star Wars Imperial Assault - 2 Little Known Droids

Completed for May 4th, R2-D2 and C3PO from the Imperial Assault line of miniatures. I don't play Imperial Assault but I've gotten some of the miniatures for Ibecause I want to paint up some good Star Wars minis.

I've not gotten many of these Imperial Assault minis painted up before these two (1- it's only been Chewbacca so far) but the more I paint them the more I like them. I thought it would be best to put them both on the same base because that's how I usually picture RZ and 3PO in my head ever since I was a little kid and had my mind blown by Episode 4.

I took them both off their integral bases and found a good base that would allow them both to be seen easily. These 'stairs" worked perfectly to have R2 charging ahead and 3PO trying to catch up. The pictures from the side make it look like 3PO is about to fall backwards, but in real life the angle is not that extreme.

Here we have the Droids next to Chewbacca (with the same style of base) waiting on more characters to join them...

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Victoria Minis- 2 More Penal Troopers

These 2 have been sitting partially painted for some time now. I finally stole some time and focused on painting them to get them off the ever-crowded painting table.

First up, we have one with some of the Victoria Minis beastman arms with shotgun. He also has a pouch from Maxmini, I think. 

This next trooper has a Void 1.1 Junker Convict Legionnaire head.

And finally, a group shot of all 5 Penal Troopers (I went back and updated the original 3 to have the red kneepads these latest 2 got).
I hate to predict what painting will come next, but I've still got some other partially painted Victoria Miniatures figures that I'd kinda like to see done...

Monday, March 11, 2019

Wandering Tech Priest and Apprentice

Tamabuku,a Wandering Tech Priest, and his apprentice Kyzres, of the Noble House of Rueste, have been sitting unpainted since mid-2018. I finally made enough time to get them both finished. The conversions were what appealed to me most, I don't know if they'll be getting additional companions as a larger warband, but some ideas have been forming as these two reached completion.

Kyzres started life as a Mordheim figure (Middenheim Youngblood) and I always wanted to give her some high tech gear. Long ago I found the pistol and added it to her- the rest came much later. When i was looking for an apprentice for the Wandering Tech Priest I realized that less is more sometimes and I thought it would be neat to add some techy bits coming out of the wolf pelt. So an antenna from somewhere and 2 thin guitar stringswere drilled into the pelt.
I tried to give her unnaturally pale skin to show her losing her humanity to the technology she's hooked herself to. The dress was going to be much more elaborate, but I can't freehand very wellso it just turned into the blue tatters.

Tamabuku is a slightly converted Rezolution miniature (APAC Arashi) who I always wanted to do somethign like this with. I think it was after seeing the new (at the time) Necromunda bounty hunter with the big hat I finally realized what to do. Various Mechanicus bits were pinned to him and a guitar string mechandrite finished off the conversion bits.
His skin is very pale- likely enhanced with techno-plastics. You can just make out the glow of a screen in the front of the brim of his hat.