Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Why It Was So Quiet Here Lately (Or Check Out the WarGods Blog)

The WarGods-focused blog over at the Duelling Scrolls has seen a lot of action lately since i was painting up everything I could for the Arsenal of Ares event at GenCon. So if you don't frequent that one, here are links to those various updates to check out if you want to see some great mytho-historical painted minis:

Space Hawkman and Rogue Trader Girl

Some more INQ28-type figures (not that I'm playing anytime soon but I love characterful conversions and the olde Rogue Trader background). This time we have a female Rogue Trader (or maybe Inquisitrix?) and a Hawk Beastman (or a new alien race? I've got a bunch of Heru that would look great with sci-fi weapons) imagined as her bodyguard- but that might change...

I've taken to calling him "Sam"- this is a conversion that I had kicked around in my head for about 10 years. A couple of months ago I finally got the bits together and did it. The base figure is a WarGods of Aegyptus Heru hero with some Eldar plastic bits. Of course, the fancy base is one from the Sedition Wars Kickstarter (I love those bases and am starting run out of them!).

I don't have a name for her but have been bouncing back and forth between "Inquisitor Girl" and "Rogue Trader Girl" while working on her. a not-so-simple headswap with a Victoria Miniatures female Guardsman head onto the body of a Rogue Stars figure. She is alos on one of the great Sedition Wars bases.

Comparison pics with some Colony 87 figures and the Scribe conversion from some time back. I realized when editing the pics that Inquisitor Girl bears a bit of a resemblance to the Governor. Hmmm.

Finally, a couple of test shots with a new backdrop. This is fromthe Bughunt Corridors Kickstarter- one of the short hallway stretches. Sadly it got damaged and the other wall (that we would normally not be able to see through for these shots) broke off. I cleaned up the piece a bit and decide to give it a shot with these two figures. Any thoughts on if it looks great or not are welcomed.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Noble House Messenger

From the fancy end of the grimdark future, a Noble House Messenger to carry messages too sensitive to be broadcast by other means.

A snip here and there with some replacement bits and this old Wahammer Fantasy Empire handgunner is now ready to take his place in the Hive Cities working for a Noble House.
The head came from a set of resin Rasta heads (can'tremember the company) and the scroll hand came from a WarGods Tethru mini. His holstered pistol is a 40K Tau bit. And the base is from the Sedition Wars boxed set.

Here we've got some comparison with the Governor and other Colony 87 miniatures.
There will be more reworked olde Empire mini conversions coming eventually- I got a ton of bits over the last couple of years for just such a cause. The major delay is finding the time to sit down and smash bits together.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

200th Blogpost (Give or Take a Few) WIPs Galore!

Every now and then I check on how many posts I've made- and this one makes it a little more than 200 (officially the 202nd).. yay!
I thouight this would be a great opportunity to shame myself into revisiting some olde projects that have not gotten finished yet. I thought this would also be a nice time to show off some things taht are coming soon(er or later).

First up, the long-floundering 5 Chicks Stunt which was supposed to see 5 female minis painted up and finished by the end of May in some previous year (2012!). We had 2 of the 5 completed in the 5 Chicks de Mayo - Superagent Lorna Crawford post from May that year and in the Shield Swap, 2 Chicks, and a Sebeki Conventioneer post from April of 2013. Well here's an update on all 5 of the minis:

At least there has been some progress on these ladies. Hopefully much more by the end of this year, but no promises.

Moving on, a more recent project that I know several people are still interested in, the Cyber/Space Dragon conversion! This one started back in Space/Cyber Dragon WIP (With Magnets!) back in March of 2017. There were a couple of followup work in progress posts Space/Cyber Dragon WIP 2 (The Base) and Space/Cyber Dragon WIP Finished Base in the following months but nothing since. That's not to say there hasn't been progress, just not quite done yet:

He's not been mounted to the base yet but most of the initial painting is done, just some washes and highlights to finish him up. This guy gets some painting time when I'm stumped on other things. What he needs is some devoted attention so he can fly freely....

Then there are the first few Eisenkern Stormtroopers from DreamForge Games Kickstarter. They have been in the background of a few painting table shots since the 121314 Too Many WIPs Update in late 2014. Actually, don't look at that update since only about 10 of the minis in those pictures have been completed since then (maybe there's a prize in it for the person who can name all the minis that were finished from that update). But back to the Eisenkerns:

They've really only been removed from the larger flatter 30mm bases and put on more standard 25mm raised bases. I need a painting assistant or something.

Now let's look at some of the minis that are coming soon(er rather than later hopefully):
This is a very old miniature from ShockForce that I have been mulling over a conversion of since I got her. I started messing with her recently and she snapped at the waist! So now there's going to be bit more involved with the conversion and I'm going to rethink all of it. But this is the most progress on this fig since I got her.

Here's a recent minor conversion for one of my random Inquisitor 28-type warbands. I left the sword and body mostly untouched, just added a futuristic head and a blaster and pouches to his belt.

This one is almost done! Another Inquisitor 28-type conversion. This guy got a headswap, some high-tech bits and a hand-swap for a scroll so he can be a Noble House Courier or something.

Finally we come to a Demigoddess of Dionysus that I need to get done before GenCon this year. There's also most of a warband needed for her to lead in the WarGods of Olympus/Aegyptus event at genCon. I'll be trying to keep track of that progress over at the sister-blog Duelling Scrolls. I'm sure I'll put some notices of the progress here too.

Monday, May 20, 2019

2 Female Assassins and 2 Servo Skulls

Now for a couple of not-40K female assassins and a couple of scratchbuilt servo skulls.

Looking at the Servo Skulls first- these were both made with some resin skulls and random bits. Above we have a "spotter" skull. Below we have a "comms" skull. These were both put together at the same time as the not-Eversor lady, I thought a couple servo skulls would be appropriate companions for her as she cut swathes through troops on her way to the target.

Next up, from the first Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstars, Mortaria Noctis (a not-Vindicare assassin). She sat close to done for a couple of years until I finally pushed through my mental block to finish up the paint scheme I had chosen on. It's not the best paintjob ever but I'm glad to be done with her and it's not too bad.

Finally, from Excalibur Miniatures, one of their Sci-Fi Amazones. I replaced her tiny Bowie knife witha chainsword from Heresy Miniatures because I thought it would look more impressive. I added a plastic bit to her belt (the grenade and techy bit) to help make her a little more my own version of the mini. For the face, since she's a not-Eversor, I just had to do skull facepaint. This is somethign I've done on a few other minis in the past and I really like the look of it.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

4Ground Shipping Container

Nothing painted, this time, just a laser-cut pre-painted terrain piece.

From 4Ground, this shipping container took a little over an hour to assemble.

I picked this up at GenCon 2018 because I wanted more varied shipping containers (I think I have 3 of the original Reaper Bones containers and then the 3 different sized ones from the most recent Bones 4 Kickstarter). It's prepainted which seemed like a plus.

Here we have some comparison shots with the original Reaper Bones container design. I think they look pretty good together.

The 4Ground container has opening doors AND a removable section of the roof! Hasslefree Space Girl and others to show a size comparison with 28mm figures.

I picked up a few other laser cut shipping containers from another company, but these aren't pre-painted and I haven't gotten around to looking at them yet.