Monday, December 26, 2016

Klaus and N1KK0 - Astropolis Figures

When I backed the Astropolis Kickstarter I thought "what can I do with these guys that are sitting?" Then they arrived and I started playing around with boxes and other terrain bits I have. I then had the brilliant idea of puttingthem together on a little hover platform full of salvaged tech (aka junk).

Multiple parts went into the construction. 'Floater Blue 6' is actually a Hunger Games not-Clix figure base flipped upside down. I need to use more of these leftover bits for other floaters.
The junk on the back of Floater Blue 6 are various bits and actual junk I've collected over the years to give a good mix of useful salvage for the guys.

The guys themselves I dubbed N1KK0 (the lil' robot) and Klaus (the lil' salvager guy). I decided they would fit in with a small warband of tech/cyborg wanderers called the Dysprosian Brotherhood.

The base is one of the CMON/Micro Art Studios plastic scenic bases.

Some comparison vignettes- this one the Scroll Traveller meets Klaus and N1KK0 in an alien landscape.

Klaus and N1KK0 stumble across a couple of Biotronics (not-Cybermen) in a space junkyard.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Trash Bash High-Tech Huts

Finally finished up these 2 high-tech huts made from electrical boxes, Trash Bash Kickstarter doors and some other bits.

I wanted to go with a "space adobe" look for them both. The top one was textured with some wood filler stuff and a spatula tool while the other one was much less textured. I'm still not sure which style I like best.

Some 28mm figures for scale/action shots.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hasslefree Retro Sci-Fi Female Away Team

From Kev White's excellent sculpting tools- the 3 not-StarFleet chicks. I based them all on some of the Sedition Wars bases.

Security Chief Marquez with her phaser.

Captain Randall with her sexy walk (or maybe she had too much alien booze).

And the excellent Dr. Grant with her tri-corder.

Monday, November 7, 2016

The Scrolltraveller, Chaos Slug, and some Undead

I finally got some miniatures finished and photographed again.

First up, a Chaos Slug from Scibor. 
The pics don't show the slime trail as "wet" as it is in person, but it still looks gross.

Next, a couple of the Dark Fable Egyptian skeletons from one of the Indiegogo campaigns. I need to get more of the figures from those past campaigns completed before the next one starts!

This guy finally got finished after a year or more partially painted. One of the Fists of Anubis minis of the Pharon faction from the long gone Vor line of minis. I had several and planned a bunch of conversions, but I finally decided to just go with this one as a space mummy gunslinger known as Khaaten Hotep, to cause trouble among the spaceport denizens.

Finally, the centerpiece of this update- Shefdu the Scrolltraveller with his Black Quill. Check out the The Duelling Scrolls blog for some of Shefdu's history in WarGods of Ægyptus. This is the young Shefdu after he sort of went rogue and stole the Black Quill and learned how to travel through the scrolls. These travels took him on many untold adventures to different times and places- or was it all just in his head? 
This figure lets me bring Shefdu to different settings (from sci-fi to pulp to whatever) on the tabletop. He's based on one of the scenic bases from the CMON Kickstarter.
Let's end with a pic of an older wiser Shefdu Sootootma, Harbinger of Thoth, meeting the younger Scrolltraveller version of himself. This could rip the fabric of reality to shreds!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Macrocosm Malignancy- The First 3 (Not-Genestealer Cult Minis)

These three guys were the test figures for what is to come with the rest of the Malignancy Warband (basically a Genestealer Cult not by GW before they decided to bring back Genestealer Cults recently) from the Macrocosm Miniatures Kickstarter.

I think I'm keeping the red armor for the bulk of the Warband. The skin may get a little more pale with the next batch. I think the mix of clothing colors will remain. The Genestealer-ish arms will keep the deep blue color because I like how it reminds me of the olden days of Genestealers.

These figures are pretty nice, but a few have some annoying mold lines that need some extra attention with needle files to clean up. Some of the rifle barrels are easily bendable but they can be bent back into place with minimal effort. I like them and I think they fit in with some other recent Rogue Trader themed modern minis.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Some 'Return to Colony 87,' a Gelatinous Cube and Human Female Not-Predator

Finally some finished minis! The main focus is on some of the excellent Rogue Trader-ish Colony 87 minis with a couple others that sort of fit that genre.

From DGUSA, I've had this mini partially painted for years. I finally decided to convert it a little (she had a big blaster rifle thing that didn't fit what I had in mind for her) by adding some plastic bits and giving her a new right arm with a high-tech spear.

From the Reaper Bones 2 Kickstarter, this is the clear plastic Gelatinous Cube. I did some thin washes of an orange red to make it a little more interesting than the simple clear look.
Above- a couple of 28mm figures (Victoria Miniatures and Heresy) futilely shooting at the advancing alien menace. Below- Someone inside the Gelatinous Cube being slowly digested.

One of the extras from the recent Return to Colony 87 Kickstarter, this is a 'Cosmic Cat' wandering through some ancient civilization's ruins (based on a Micro-Art Stufios 25mm resin base).

Another Return to Colony 87 figure, the Advisor. He also seems like he could be some space wizard.
Based on one of the CMON Kickstarter plastic base inserts- I really don't like the curved edge bases they fit into, so I'm using them as is.They're a little smaller than 25mm.

I think the Priestess is my favorite of the newest batch of Colony 87 figures. 

Based on another of the CMON base inserts (the not-Eldar style) I chose the yin-yang sort of base since she's a priestess.