Sunday, December 28, 2014

Another Xmas Zombie Attack! 4 More Zombie Plague Minis

 This seems to be a tradition for me, Zombies around Christmas time. This time it's 4 alternate Zombie Plague sculpts from RSquared (Rose Frum and Joe Zombie have multiple head and arm options).

 The far left is the original Joe Zombie that was done last year.

 Again, the far left is the Rose Frum from last year joined by the newer ones.

All of the Zombie Plague zeds together for the first time! I still have the gnome and the heroes to finish up...

Saturday, December 13, 2014

121314 Too Many WIPs Update

The painting table is crammed full of partially painted minis. Waaay too many partially painted minis. I definitely suffer from the "ooh shiny"disease. So in an effort to get the painting table cleared before a bunch of new minis arrive from some Kickstarters in the new year I need some help to focus the painting. 
 Batch 1 is a handful of Dreamforge Eisenkern Stormtroopers.

Batch 2 is the first of many WarGods of Ægyptus figures- a Mistress of Words, and Apis statue and a Priest of Osiris.

Batch 3 is from the recently arrived World of Twilight Kickstarter- Gil the Travelling Biologist.

Batch 4  is another WGA group- the Basti Gamer and the Basti Painter both special event minis from Crocodile Games.

Batch 5 is from another Kickstarter- The Toughest Girls in the Galaxy by Raging Heroes.

Batch 6 is WGA-adjacent, some of the Dark Fable Egyptian Harem (and beyond) minis.

 Batch 6 is from Victoria Miiniatures- 2 not-Beastman Trench Raiders and a Highlander not-Guardsman.

And finally, Batch 7 is a group of not-Predator miniis.

So give some opinions below about what should be painted first and I'll try to focus on it until it's done and then move on to the next batch.

Thanks for your help!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Space Zombies, Space Elf, and Sith Chick

Finally some finished minis of one sort or another!

My first 2 Mantic Deadzone Plague Zombies.

 Hasslefree's Space Elf with a living weapon. I like how the weapon turned out and his pale flesh tones.

 And she's a little late, but this was the TwinDay 2014 mini- Darth Vayn. A slightly converted Hasslefree Dominatrix Libby. I snipped off her cat ears and part of her riding crop to make it a lightsaber.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Quick-Painted Bughunt Corridor and Soy Paint on Hexcrates

After this straight section was assembles with glue I gave it a quick and dirty basic paintjob. More details will likely come later- and I'm still not sure if this is how I want the main color scheme to look for these. 
 Silver metallic or the floor grating. The interior walls are a red-brown. The supports are a dark midnight blue. And the outside is a flat black (I was going for wear on the outside walls, that's why the light coverage in areas.

 With some 28mm Reaper Chronoscope figs for scale.
I'm happy with it for now. I really need to get more sections together and painted to see how it will look overall. And next time I will likely wait to attach the walls until the rest has been painted.

Back to the Soy Paint from a few updates ago- here are the bottles. I had forgotten they were from Delta.

These are assembled hex crates from the Bughunt Corridors Kickstarter painted with the brown and red soy paints. I did a drybrush over the soy paints with an off-white to add some weathering to them.

 Here are the hex crates with a couple 28mm ladies to show how big they are.

 And the 2 hex crates inside the painted straight section of corridor with a 28mm Grey Alien figure to show how everything goes together.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fantasy Arc Kickstarter ARRIVAL!!! Bug Hunt Corridors Are Here!

I backed the Fantasy Arc Bug Hunt Corridors sci-fi terrain set on Kickstarter because I thought "hey those look pretty cool and I'd like some nice 3-D hallways that aren't fantasy/medieval themed." It has been a bit of a wait but the box arrived today! I am sick and this is the best thing this week and especially today.

 I'm RICH!!! At least with this awesome laser-cut terrain. There's a metric crap-ton of these hex containers that I think are very cool and the greatest obstacles for sci-fi gaming.

 Here are just a few of the millions of types of kits that I got. It will take some time to assemble everything...

 This is just a standard straight section that I quickly assembled with no glue (still not sure what glue will be best).
 It went together in less than 3 minutes but I wasn't going for a quick assembly time. It was an easy assembly without any trouble from the pieces. Though it is loose because no glue yet so it would likely not stand up long to much handling.

Now some pics with minis! Sorry for the poor lighting. All of these are on 25mm round bases.
 Some scientists doing science-y things...

 These 3 are up to some mischief...

 The Founders being escorted by a Cthood mercenary...

I'm so glad I backed this Kickstarter and the wait was well worth it. Thanks to Ken for this excellent product!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Soy-based Paint Test 1- Termite Mound terrain Piece

In my continuing efforts to find weird stuff I found some Soy-based Craft Paint at JoAnn's a week or so ago. The first test piece is this Termite Mound from Acheson Creations.
 I used the Cocoa color on this mainly on the base and the rocks on the base.
 The Soy Paint had no trouble mixing with other craft paints and some old Partha Paints I have.
 It worked well drybrushed onto the sides of the tubes.
No problems adding a brush-on matte sealer. 

And now some 28mm figs with the finished piece.

 The piece will work well with multiple gaming genres.