Saturday, February 17, 2018

Rebased Jokaero Family Group

Long ago I got these Orangutans from Black Cat Bases. My first thought was converting them to some Jokaero even though I really don't play 40K anymore. The Rogue Trader superintelligent space monkeys were one of the cool lost concepts from the Rogue trader book that always intrigued me.
They turned out OK, but I was always a little unhappy with the bases. Blacktop with a little grass is fine for a lot of minis, but it seemed a little- bleh - for these techno-apes. I wanted something more techy but didn't want to spend a lot of time putting something together with bits.

Then there was the Coolminiornot/Micro Art Studios Kickstarter for plastic versions of the Micro Art resin bases! One set provided me with the good techy/debris bases that would make the Jokaero family group seem more complete to me.

The juvenile went onto a 25mm base because he is smaller than the parents.

The female,with her gangsta-style remote blaster hold, went onto a 30mm base.

Finally, the big guy also went on a 30mm base.

The Jokaero Family bases are in the same style as the Dysprosian Brotherhood, so I guess they can fit into that growing Warband nicely.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Wanakantaka - Fallen Spacegod Cyber Sorcerer With a Vulture Head!

This collection of bits has been sitting around partially painted for over a year. As part of my 'resolution' to try to clean off the painting desk as much as possible before putting together any other minis to paint, I finally got this guy finished.

Based on one of the mystical-themed (?) plstic base inserts from Micro-Art Studios and Coolmini's Kickstarter.
Wanakantaka is a mix of mostly GW bits with a Crocodile Games Nekharu head. I saw the Chaos Sorcerer body and knew right away that I wanted to put a Nekharu head on it.

Size comparison with some olde Kev White sculpted Star Trek Security figures (space cops).

And here we have Wanakantaka facing off against the Scroll Traveller, Shefdu. Below, the War Doctor stands against Wanakantaka's latest mad scheme to reshape the universe in his own image.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Brother Juvani and his Stijain Biodrone

Brother Juvani and a Stijain Biodrone, the latest members of the Dysprosian Brotherhood to be completed. The Brotherhood was conceived as a group of wandering cyborg adventurers/scavengers of many races.
First up we have the Stijain Biodrone- just a singly based Dreamforge Games Feral Shadowkesh. I was thinking Brother Juvani needed some sort of drone that he could control from afar, so I looked through little robots and drones that I actually have miniatures of. But then it hit me- why not some sort of biomechanical sort of drone? So I chose something that looks a little like the xenomorphs from Alien, but not too much like them.

Brother Juvani Vashtar is a former 'Scoundrel Merchant' who fell in with the Dysprosians after a difficult trade deal on a backwater planet.
The figure is an old GW Warhammer Dogs of War paymaster with some bits from here and there. The head is from one of the Mechanicus plastic sets. The weapon comes from Heresy Miniatures 'War Doctor'- it was one of the alternate hand options. Then there's some guitar string and a length of brass pin.

A group shot of Phase 2 of the Dysprosian Brotherhood. More members of the warband are slowly coming along.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Alec's 'SpaceWolfe' Miniature

As a short interlude from the undeclared Victoria Miniatures series, here is a Heroforge printed miniature for a friend. Much better texture than the few I painted for another friend last year because this guy is the better quality printing method.

And here's a little action scene with some terrain and a couple metal minis...

Monday, November 27, 2017

Victoria Minis - 3 Penal Troopers

The first criminals are ready to fight! A while back I ordered the Victoria Miniatures Penal Guard unit. These first three have been built and primed for months. My current focus on getting some of my Victoria miniatures that were already built painted so I can build more of them in good conscience to help clear off the painting table (an impossible task!).
Since they're Penal troops I decided to choose yellow for their prison uniforms because I havent really seen that from anyone else. I think it turned out well, but the next batch might get different knee-pad colors than the darker brownish yellow I used on these. I also decided to do some slight conversions on the middel one and he one on the right because I like to make even basic troopers into characters to add to the diversity of minis in a unit.

First up is a pretty straightforward build I've dubbed "Bulldog." I decided to leave him with a blue trooper jacket that he maybe was allowed to keep or he scavenged from the battlefield.

"Cobra" has a head from the Void 1.1 plastic Convict Legionnaires (fitting) to help give him a mysterious battle hardened look.

Finally, "Byrne" got a metal beastman shotgun arm and a plastic arm from a Mantic robot. He was probably a space pirate because just look at him...

A look at the rest of the built but unpainted Victoria Miniatures I hope to complete by the end of the year. From left to right: A metal beastman with a resin AK from Victoria Minis and a resin pack from Maxmini (this guy is going to be named Krampus because it seems fitting); "Col. Warden" one of the custodians for the Penal Troopers; the other custodian of the Penal Troopers with a plasma rifle; heavy weapon Highland Guard with an old GW metal backpack (this might get swapped before he's done); Highland Guard trooper (the first Vitoria miniature I put together a couple years ago); and, a female Trooper with an AK.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Victoria Minis- Olde Quinzell and Trooper Maria

I've got a few sets of various Victoria Miniatures' figures that haven't been put together (some have but they haven't been fully painted except for a couple of the awesome Beastmen Guard) so I decided it's was time to battle that deficit. Thus, Olde Quinzell (a retired scout or something?) and Trooper Maria (not her real name, just something I came up with on the spot)...

With tons of bits from various sources, I derided to use this Toughest Girls of the Galaxy alternate head for one of the figures I had already put together to give some more variety to the Victoria Female Guard figure. This is the newer resin with multiple arm and weapon options. The other one I built at the same time has the AK-looking gun that I really love.

Olde Quinzell got a non-Victoria head (I think it was from Maxmini, on a sprue with some other "Rasta" heads) AND some GW Mechanicus arms. I trimmed off some of the parts of the rifle to make it something different. He was tossed together with a vague idea to use him as some sort of grizzled elite Veteran character.

I love scale comparison pictures because it helps me figure out about how big the minis are to something I might have or have at least seen up close in the past. With that in mind I decided to take some quick comparison shots with something other than GW Imperial Guard (plus I don't have any IG because I'm not a fan of those models).
Left to right: Ikore Viridian Marine; Victoria Miniatures Male Guard; Wargames Factory Shock Trooper; Victoria Miniatures Female Guard; Ikore VASA Marine (female).

Left to right:Games Workshop Imperial Army; Victoria Miniatures Male Guard; Mantic Dreadball Robot; Victoria Miniatures Female Guard; Hydra Miniatures Valkeeri (female).

Left to right: Heresy Miniatures not-Riddick; Victoria Miniatures Male Guard; Toughest Girls of the Galaxy (female); Victoria Miniatures Female Guard; Hasslefree Miniatures Space Girl.

I hope those comparisons help someone who's on the fence about the Victoria Miniatures decide to get some- they're really nice to work with and there's almost limitless customization possibilities. Next up will either be some Gubernatorial Guards (not Victoria Miniatures) or some Penal Legionnaires (from Victoria Miniatures, with a couple of their guards!)

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

2 Cthulhu Things and GenCon Paint'n'Take Infinity Mini

First up, an Infinity miniature from the Paint'n'Take at GenCon this year. It's been a coupel years since I was able to get in at the Paint'n'Take, but it was worth it. The state of the mini after about an hour at GenCon (above) and after about another hour of touchup and finishing (below).

From the Bones 3 Kickstarter, the Cthulhu Obelisk.

Above, the minismith and Mr Brown investigate...
Below, Uncle 'Thulhu examines a family heirloom...

I came across one of the Scibor Monstrous Dice at GenCon and snatched it up without a second thought. The first bit of GenCon loot I've managed to paint.
Below a comparison shot with the GenCon 45th Anniversary D6 from 2012.