Monday, January 13, 2020

Tire Stacks Scatter Terrain

A much needed piece of multi-genre scatter terrain (from modern to sci-fi to post-apocalyptic) a nice little resin stack of tires. A pretty simple paint job on this one. This piece is from Miniature Building Authority.

Here we see how the awesome anti-grav fishtank stacks up to the stacks...

And here we see the Assassin chicks plotting their attacks near the tire stacks.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

First Mini of 2020! Coterie of Discord First Member

The first finished miniature of 2020 is part of a new project- the Coterie of Discord! This is a figure from Privateer Press for their Iron Kingdoms rpg minis- Jhureen Hecatha, Satyxisis Raider.

Below are a few of the minis that will make up the members of this Coterie. Yes they're all female figures from various manufacturers. I haven't played any grimdark skirmish games in a very long time(like Inq28) but I love planning out warbands based on minis I've got or have converted. The Coterie of Discord is my take on a Chaos warband. 
To help tie these figures together,  they've all been rebased on the MicroArt Studios/Coolmini scenic bases. More on the bases below.
I don't know exactly what sort of rules I'd use for her, but the color scheme was partially inspired by someone who might shout "blood for the blood god."
I used some of the UV resin to fixate huge missing chunk along the top of her right shoulder pad. This figure has been in a box of stuff that I've been avoiding starting for years. I would pull her out and look at her for a few minutes every now and then. The miscast of that shoulder pad just seemed like too much of a hassle to deal with. But the magic of the UV resin made it so simple to fix.

She originally came with a slotted tab including a big rock under her right foot. I snipped off the tab and rock because I was very confident she'd fit well on this base with the steps. Pinning at least one of her feet made her pretty solid. The greenish runes or decoration on the top two steps doesn't look as bright in these pictures but her pose goes better than I could have hoped for.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Space/Cyber Dragon Finally Finished!

THis crazy conversion is finally done! Just in time to be the last painted miniature of 2019. You can check out the progress of the epic Space Dragon Cyborg (his name is very fluid) by checkingout these previous updates:
Space/Cyber Dragon WIP (With Magnets!)
Space/Cyber Dragon WIP 2 (The Base)
Space/Cyber Dragon WIP Finished Base
Tiny magnets in his shoulder and the charger thing on his back allow for his two weapons to be swapped. Not there's any particular ruleset he'll be used with, it was mainly the coolness factor that led to the choice of two weapons, plus magnets are fun to use.
I like the membrane on the wings, they turned out better than I had hoped. I toyed with doing some data stream effects (glowing binary code or something) on the wing sections that are part of the cybernetics but instead just used metallic paints to make them look slightly different from the natural wings.
The base (a resin piece from Dragonforge) has been touched up a bit and I added the nuclear waste green "blood" from the destroyed robot to give some more interest to the base. The base is big enough for a couple of minis on 25mm bases to stand on it too, thanks to the placement of the Space Dragon. 

Here's the weapons configuration swapped. I'm thinking maybe putting the stowed weapon pointing up might be an interesting alternative too.

A comparison with some of the GF9 Daleks. I think he can handle them.

A size comparison lineup with Hasslefree Space Girl, Wargames Factory Trenchcoat Trooper (with Cthood head), and an old Void Viridian Marine from i-Kore.

Finally,  below we've got all of the completed members of the Dysprosian Brotherhood. He's not got an offical name yet, but I'm thinking of calling him Brother Alarkshu after a dragon in an old fantasy campaign from a million years ago.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Star Wars Imperial Assault- Han and Leia

Han Solo and Leia Organa, heroes of the Rebel Alliance, from the Imperial Assault line of Star Wars minis. Leia was started a long time ago, but Han was only recently added to the painting queue. It seemed appropriate to paint them up together. I didn't want to simply do standard movie outfits for them, so I went with some colors that would probably be found in the Star Wars universe. Both were rebased onto MicroArt Studios scenic bases from the CoolMiniOrNot Kickstarter.

After re-watching "Solo" I decided this color scheme would be a pretty good reflection of something that Han would wear. Also, don't look too close at the right side of his face- there was a big mold line there that was not pleasantly removed, so that side of his face doesn't look very good.

Here we have Leia in Hoth gear, but I tried making the outfit look more like some travelling clothes. I think it looks like it would fit in all over the galaxy.

Here we have the other main characters I've painted up together with Han and Leia. The fancy bases help tie them together well.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Xmas Zombie Attack- Hasslefree Mantic and Reaper

It's been an off-and-on tradition for me to paint up a load of zombies around this time of year for a long time. Most of these were primed and based around this time last year but they just sat there taking up space after I looked at them closer...

Above is my least favorite of the Mantic Deadzone Plague Zombies. They're multi-part plastics for sci-fi. This one, though, just didn't do it for me when I put it together with the others a couple years back. I threw him in with this batch to just get him off the painting table. Not bad but not inspired.

Now we come to a group of 5 Reaper Bones zombies. These are the figures that stoped me from painting up any zombies last Xmas time. They are okay figure but nothing outstanding and their details are pretty soft.
I managed to push ahead, though, and got them to look passable as part of my ever-growing shambling horde of modernish undead.

These two (above and below) are probably more ghouls than zombies. I think I like them the best out of all these Reaper zombies.

Finally, the best of these Xmas Zombies by a mile, a metal figure from Hasslefree- Mutant Willow. It's a great sculpt that I'm glad I finally got to. I need to paint more Hasslefree stuff in the New Year.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Star Wars Imperial Assault- Rebel Troopers

Some rebel Scum from the Imperial Assault line of Star Wars minis this time. They've been waiting to be finished for about a year now. After seeing Rogue One the first time I decided it would be cool to have some Rebel Troops in more general colors than campaign specific (these are the Endor and Hoth Troopers).

Above, the Hoth Trooper ready to fight the Imps not on Hoth.
Above, the original pose for the Endor Troopers. Below, my conversion to give a little more variety.
Below we've got a side-by-side showing the colors and simple arm repose effect in making them look different enough for my taste (I'm not a big fan of troops all looking exactly the same).

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Custodians of the Penal Legion

These three sat built but partially painted for over a year, now they're done to make room for more minis on the Painting Table of Doom. They're mostly Victoria Miniatures resin trooper bits.

First up we have "Col. Warden" who leads the Custodians in keeping the Penal Troopers in line. His body is from Anvil Industries (or maybe Maxmini) but works well with the Victoria limbs and head. He's got a pistol and shock maul to keep the ruffians in line.

Next we've got "Custodian Molle" with her chainsword and the Penal Trooper collar control (so she can zap them if they get out of line). She's all Victoria parts except for the controller (a plastic chunk whittled into shape and a bit of wire for the antenna). 

Finally is Custodian Briggs, another exercise in Victoria bits on an Anvil or Maxmini torso. Again, the fit is pretty good. I converted the rifle arm to hold a Victoria plasma gun. 
The lighter was enhanced with a little bit of UV resin wth some paint mixed in. I used a pin to help get the pointy top of the flame because UV resin is my new addiction.

Here we have the Custodians with their current crop of Penal Legionnaires- there will be more Penal Troopers painted to join this mob but I cannot say when they will be sentenced.