Monday, March 11, 2019

Wandering Tech Priest and Apprentice

Tamabuku,a Wandering Tech Priest, and his apprentice Kyzres, of the Noble House of Rueste, have been sitting unpainted since mid-2018. I finally made enough time to get them both finished. The conversions were what appealed to me most, I don't know if they'll be getting additional companions as a larger warband, but some ideas have been forming as these two reached completion.

Kyzres started life as a Mordheim figure (Middenheim Youngblood) and I always wanted to give her some high tech gear. Long ago I found the pistol and added it to her- the rest came much later. When i was looking for an apprentice for the Wandering Tech Priest I realized that less is more sometimes and I thought it would be neat to add some techy bits coming out of the wolf pelt. So an antenna from somewhere and 2 thin guitar stringswere drilled into the pelt.
I tried to give her unnaturally pale skin to show her losing her humanity to the technology she's hooked herself to. The dress was going to be much more elaborate, but I can't freehand very wellso it just turned into the blue tatters.

Tamabuku is a slightly converted Rezolution miniature (APAC Arashi) who I always wanted to do somethign like this with. I think it was after seeing the new (at the time) Necromunda bounty hunter with the big hat I finally realized what to do. Various Mechanicus bits were pinned to him and a guitar string mechandrite finished off the conversion bits.
His skin is very pale- likely enhanced with techno-plastics. You can just make out the glow of a screen in the front of the brim of his hat.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

2 More HoroForge Miniatures for Other People

I've painted some HeroForge minis in the past that were... grainy (the nicest way to describe them). But recently I finished painting a couple of newer material HeroForge miniatures and they were quite smooth. A vey welcome change from past experiences.

These latest examples have made me consider esigning a mini through their website (like I need more unpainted minis in my life) because the execution has come a long way in a short period of time.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

First Mini of 2019 -Reaper Bones Cthulhu Statue

Finished shortly after midnight on January 1, this was an easy series of drybrushed layers over a dark basecoat. Another Cthulhu-themed statue from the Reaper Bones Kickstarters.

The very basic color choices help this piece fit into almost any setting I might need. I was mad at myself for not knocking thsi one out earlier.

Sleazy Merchant and alleged Crime Lord Hรคbo (Forge of Ice shows off his latest acquisition as one of his dancers (Basti from Crocodile Games) and a business associate (Dark Fable) stand by. 

Great Uncle Thulu (West Wind- Empire of the Dead) admires a family heirloom.

The Scroll Traveller (converted Bones figure with a WarGods Tethru head), Mr. Brown (slightly converted skull from Dragon Forge Designs), and the Minismith (converted Void 1.1 militia) examine this dark artifact to determine what sort of threat to it could pose to reality...

Friday, January 11, 2019

Final 2018 Minis- Black Crab Miniatures 'Bone Prophets'

These were the last miniatures finished up in 2018 but only recently photographed. From the short but sweet Kickstarter campaign from Black Crab Miniatures. I was trying to think of what to call them since there is no official title for the trio and settled on "the Bone Prophets." They are likely going to see duty in some dark far-future narrative skirmish gaming.

Very nice resin figures that needed little clean up. The guy on the left had a little mishap while I was removing him from the sprue so that the spikes ont he top of his 'hat' were damaged enough that I removed them entirely as can be seen below.

I was very tempted to convert this guy's head and/or hand with some techy bits but resisted the urge.

Some other miniatures for a sense of scale- here we have the Governor and his entourage (Colony 87 and converted Malifaux) striking a deal with the Bone Prophets.

Finally, the War Doctor (Heresy Miniatures) fends off the Bone Prophets and their maddening scheme.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

How I Rebase Various Types of Minis

I was recently asked how I rebase miniatures, so I figured a little step-by-step of the process would be helpful to some.

Starting off with some plastic minis from Monolith Games' board games, I want to use both of these in WarGods. The basing convention for the WarGods system is mainly squares. The female mini will act as a Demigodess so she gets a 25mm square and the guy will be a Nile Pirate (just a regular sort of guy) so he'll go onto a 20mm square.
First off, the round bases need to go. For the female, I chopped away at teh round base with flush cutters. This left just a bit to be trimmed up with a hobby blade. For the guy, since his feet were the conection points, it was easier to gently slice under the feet to get him separated from the base. again, a little clean up around the feet will be necessary. Also, BE SURE TO CUT AWAY FROM YOUR FINGERS AND USE A SHARP FRESH HOBBY BLADE or you'll probably slice into your thumb and bleed like a stream of bad words...Below is the result of the clean up.

Above are the areas on the bottom of both miniatures where I'll drill a hole to insert a bit of beading pin to attach the figure securely to the base.

Below we have the drilling action into the guy's foot. When drilling into a foot like this you need to be certain of what direction your drill bit is going. If you're not careful you an come out through the side of the leg and then there's a whole repair job to be done. Slow and steady is best for this part of the process.

Above, the pin is inserted into the foot hole and you can see the corresponding hole in the base.

Below is a bit of glue on the pin (some on the inside hole of the leg to keep it in place. You need to be re that the pin isn't too long to stick out the bottom of the base because that means the miniature won't sit flat ont he playing surface.

 drop of glue on the other foot before placing onto the base and this guy should be secure from all but the most horrible of accidents. Ready for priming and painting now.

The same process for the female, she had a large point of contact to the original base, so the drilling is much less delicate, though you still want to go as straight up into the mini as possible so she'll sit flat on the base. Below she is sitting on the pin in the base- unglued because I might be modifying her a little more, so it will be easier to wrok with if she's not glued to the base yet.

Now let's look at some metal minis with tabs and a Reaper Bones miniature (much softer plastic than the 2 above).

For the meatl minis with tabs, I prefer to snip the tabs off leaving a little 'peg' under one foot that I usually have to trim down more so it will fit nicely into a hole drilled into the base. The first mini below shows this peg method. The next one had too much of an awkward connection to the tab to use the peg method, so I simply removed the tab and will pin through the foot into the base. For the bones figure, it's usually a simple matter to CAREFULLY slice the base off and clean up any areas that need it before drilling to pin.

Roughly the center of the Bones mini is where I drilled into it. After deciding ont he base where his placement would be most dramatic, I drilled into the base as well.

Here's the metal mini that will be pinned through the foot. You can see the pin in the base already.

Finally, the metal mini using the peg method. I drilled a regular hole into the base and made it bigger with a needle file until the peg fit snugly.

Above is the Colony 87 metal mini using the pin method.

This one is the Colony 87 metal mini using the peg method.

Finally the Bones mini.