Monday, May 14, 2018

Mech-Sorcerer and Tactical Androsynth

A couple of 'borged-up miniatures this time.

First we have a classic Void 1.1 Tactical Androsynth. This guy has been partially painted for years and I finally pulled him and a few others out of storage to try and finish them up.
While the Androsynth sculpts are some of my favorite Void miniatures, I have only painted 4 since they originally came out (back in 2003?!?). The first was probably around 2003, next was maybe 2007, then the converted Assault Androsynth was 2010, and now 2018. Talk about slow unit building- and these aren't even in the same unit!

Then we have this other mini that has been waiting for paint for a few years- from Micro Art Studios' Iron Brotherhood (not-Mechanicus). I decided to swap out the original separate arms for some that were a little more interesting.
Rather than overtly built for fighting, Tabanuzi is armed with a couple of mechanical arms on the right and a tablet-type scroll in his normal-looking left arm.

And here is the extent of fully painted figures from the Emneric Warband (not Adeptus Mechanicus).

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

3 Computers and Some Objective Markers

Lots of pretty simple objectives and scatter terrain this time. I didn't realize it until I was editing the pics, but they're all from Kickstarter rewards.

First up, 3D-printed stuff from the Data targets Kickstarter. I'm still filled with a mix of "not really impressed" and "hmm, it's not too bad for what it is" when reflecting on these items.

You can easily see the lines from the printing process, but it's not that big of a deal.
The crates and objective markers all have a tiny recess in the bottom to insert a ball-bearing that then allows a rare-earth magnet to hold these objectives in place on the base or one of the scenic pieces.

I made a few more magnetic bases with some laser-cut bases to add some variety and expand on the single base that came with the reward.

Currently my favorite of the Data Targets scenic pieces- the computer terminal. This can have 2 objectives attached.

The Science Team helps provide a sense of the size (Hasslefree, Bombshell, and Black Cat Bases 28mm figures).

Next is a simple objective base using some DreamForge Games plastic bits from the Eisenkern Stormtrooper plastic sprues.
A couple of Kev White minis help show the size (Void 1.1 and Hasslefree).

Finally a really fast-looking computer from the Reaper Bones 3 Kickstarter. Below we have the Hasslefree Space Armada girls to help show off the size.

Monday, April 2, 2018

HiTech Minis: (not 40K) Tech Mystic, Navigatrix, and Advisor

I've been looking at HiTech Miniatures line of not-40K miniatures for some time. I really like their non-Space Marine types and came across these 3 on eBay earlier this year. 
These are all from the "Universal Soldier" heading on their website.

I've been slowly building and planning several small warbands for Inquisitor28-style skirmish gaming (sadly no actual gaming yet because of my lack of painting time). These 3 are the start of a Navigator Retinue (Navigatrix, but I don't have a name for her yet).

First up, the Tech-Mystic Engineer (Acolyte Orion Kaa) with his cool glowy electro-ball thing. I considered mechanicus-like cog designs on his robes, but I liked the more simple greens.

Next is Advisor Melchior. Not sure what his role will be in the Navigatrix's retinue yet. It started out all blue but then I decided I wanted to mix it up for future fashion and switched the sleeves and hat to the purples.

Finally we have the Navigatrix (Soothsayer Sybilla). Whatever interesting body modifications (natural or otherwise) she has are concealed by her robes. I realized when she was almost complete that paint scheme was subliminally inspired by Queen Amidala.

Governor Tashkent and his retinue of fellow Colony 87 characters greet the Navigatrix and her retinue...

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Science Guys, a Computer, and a Chaos Slug

An updated older figure rebased, a new scientist, a computer terminal and a gross slug monster. Not sure how they all ended up finished together.

One of the computer terminals from the Sedition Wars Kickstarter. Based on a 30mm round so it can act as an opbjective or a piece of terrain.

Above: SCIENCE! Below: The other style of computer terminal from the Sedition Wars Kickstarter.

Another Scibor Chaos Slug. While finishing this one up I realized I have some other figures that would go well with the Chaos Slugs to form a disgusting warband. I think I may need to order Madame from Heresy Miniatures once I get the other figures painted...
Above: The new slug with the first one. Below: Both Slugs with the Haslefree Space Girl, she's surrounded by these disgusting creatures...

From Hasslefree, Dr. William Bludd, the punk rock scientist...

From long ago, this Black Cat Bases Self Experiment (aka Dr. Koax) figure has been rebased and touched up a bit.

Most of the scientist-types together with the 2 computers. There's another Black Cat Bases figure to be rebased soon and I think I have (or need to get) some other sciencey types to add to the mix.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Rebased Jokaero Family Group

Long ago I got these Orangutans from Black Cat Bases. My first thought was converting them to some Jokaero even though I really don't play 40K anymore. The Rogue Trader superintelligent space monkeys were one of the cool lost concepts from the Rogue trader book that always intrigued me.
They turned out OK, but I was always a little unhappy with the bases. Blacktop with a little grass is fine for a lot of minis, but it seemed a little- bleh - for these techno-apes. I wanted something more techy but didn't want to spend a lot of time putting something together with bits.

Then there was the Coolminiornot/Micro Art Studios Kickstarter for plastic versions of the Micro Art resin bases! One set provided me with the good techy/debris bases that would make the Jokaero family group seem more complete to me.

The juvenile went onto a 25mm base because he is smaller than the parents.

The female,with her gangsta-style remote blaster hold, went onto a 30mm base.

Finally, the big guy also went on a 30mm base.

The Jokaero Family bases are in the same style as the Dysprosian Brotherhood, so I guess they can fit into that growing Warband nicely.