Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Nobody Expects.... (Twinday 2019 Minis!)

...the Spanish Inquisition! From Victoria Miniatures, these excellent resin figures were based on 32mm scenic bases from Dragon Forge, I think.

Cardinal Ximenez. Red is hard to photograph well, but I think you can see the subtle differences. You can also see the base directly under him and it looks unpainted. Most people won't be able to see that flaw in real life. I prefer to paint miniatures that are already on their bases but this might make me rethink that process.

Cardinal Fang. Probably my favorite of the three. His scroll probably says something in Latin.

Cardinal Biggles. This one might actually be my favorite of the three. Hard to say.

The Spanish Inquisition confronts the Bone Prophets (minis from Black Crab Miniatures) for scale reference! The Bone Prophets are on 25mm bases versus the 32mm bases of the Inquisition.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Space Waif, Astropolis Tweekies and UV Resin Bases

From two seperate but equally sci-fi Kickstarters (Colony 87 thrid wave and Astropolis second wave) we've got some cute lil' figures on 20mm bases. These sci-fi grating bases were made with a quick press mold of a larger base to get the textures to make these tiny 20mm bases look better than some free-hand details would look.Then the toppers were hardened with my newly arrived Chinese brand UV cure resin. Sci-fi minis meet sci-fact technology...

Above is the first successful cast of the detail I wanted to use for the Space Waif's base. Since the original was so much larger than the tiny 20mm base. So I carefully trimmed off the excess overhang.

Below is the nameless Chinese-made UV resin (I believe this stuff is meant mainly for jewelry making). there's also the heft little powerful Craftsman UV flashlight I picked up at Lowe's. The tiny single LED ligt that came with the pen applicator of UV resin I first tried out was simply not touching the Chinese resin so I opted for the more powerful Craftsman light which works well with the larger amounts of resin.

Through trial and error I figured out that even though the UV light cures the resin pretty quickly (a couple minutes at the most) it should sit for about an hour or so before trying to glue it onto an MDF base. I've had the best results on MDF bases with white craft glue rather than any superglues, but there are other options I want to try. Onve the scenic bit is glued and and the glue has totsally dried it's easy to drill a hole into the base to pin the figure on with some superglue.

For a little scale comparison we've got the Hasslefree not-Starfleet ladies and various high tech crates. The Hasslefree figures are all on 25mm bases from the Sedition Wars box.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

NuHu Mandarin and UV Resin

From Beyond the Gates of Antares (by Warlord Games), this is a NuHu from one of the factions that I really liked the looks of for a Navigator. Oh- and he has a high-tech effect on his little device thingy...
I've been calling Ziggy or Space Oddity because he kinda loos like David Bowie a little. Plus he's wearing the latest high fashion armor from the Inner Core.
He's got a device that has information about cosmic storms and the like.
This device makes use of an aetherplasma display the highest high tech of spacefaring tech on the open market.

It's actually made of some Ultraviolet Resin. I picked this little pen resin dispenser from Menard's for under 5 bucks after seeing a video about UV-curing resin on the Black Magic Craft YouTube channel. I wanted to see what the stuff could do- and I was impressed.
I first used it to fill some gaps in some slotta bases- it was way easier than getting out the putty I usually use. I filled some gaps between arms and bodies on some plastic multi-part minis- it was so quick and easy, ready to paint right away.

Then I tried to do a textured base copy of a base from the Sedition Wars box (I'm running really low on these and I love the look of several of the designs). The one on the left below is the quick copy I made. It didn't fill in completely because I was in a rush and just wanted to see if it was possible. I think the results are pretty good and show it is possible. Finally came Ziggy with his device that was just a big hole- so I filled it with some of this and it looks like some super high-tech thing. The paint around the edges of the inside reflects out in certain light so it looks like an internal glow.

But back to the figure of Ziggy, itself. He's really tall but in 28mm scale. So I took some pics of him next to some other random 28mm scale minis I've painted. Above we have the Hasslefree Space Girl and a Void 1.1 VASA Marine. Below we have the Governor from Colony 87 and a Victoria Miniatures Convict Trooper.

Next up we have Ziggy with a Dalek from Fantasy Fligth Games and a Wargames Factory Shocktrooper. Finally we have Ziggy hanging out with the Founders from Effigy Miniatures.

Friday, October 11, 2019

MERCS Three Civilian Miniatures

These have all been primed and ready for paint since the MERCS Kickstarter boxes arrived however long ago that was (please don't tell me). In my continuing effort to clear off the "Painting Table of Sinister Unpainted Minis" so that more unpainted minis can be put in the never-ending pipeline, I decided these 3 would be next to finish up. They're not the most detailed and there were some rough spots on all of them that I missed when cleaning, but I was able to fix them on the fly or hopefully hide those areas with the paint.

First up, Briefcase Lady in Blue. A little bit of a sheer effect on her legs for hosiery. I don't like the briefcase and will probably do something to convert that on the next copy of this figure I get to.

Next up, the Goth Chick with Datapad Running. Her skin turned out WAY more pale than I expected. I gave the datapad that retro-futuristic green text glow that I really like on computer terminals. I also tried a tattoo on her right arm (to help cover one of those rough spots) that doesn't look too bad.

Finally we the VIP with High Fashion Outfit. This one had a big gap along her right cheek that I totally missed when cleaning the figure. Instead of going to my usual gap filling options I decided to try out some of this UV Resin that I got recently to fill the gap. I think it worked great because you cannot see anything of the massive gap between her ear and cheek anymore.
These three will be useful for all sorts of skirmish gaming from modern to sci-fi to supers. There are tons more of these types from the MERCS Kickstarter boxes. Those will have to wait in line.