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Rogue Assassin and Sedition Wars Crates

Some figures that have been partially painted for far too long are finally finished! A great Ronin/Assassin from the Rezolution line of miniatures  and a couple sci-fi crates from the old Sedition Wars Kickstarter. 

Long before I started painting these crates I debated wether or not to leave them loose or mount them together on a base. In case I ever get my Dwarven Forge stuff or the laser cut sci-fi corridors completed I thought it would be good to leave them loose for more options. 

Above we've got some comparisons with various other sci-fi crates (from Iron Wind, Mantic,  and others). Below we have the crates stacked up with the Space Girl from Hasslefree and a Rogue Stars robot. 

Aberrant Games' cyberpunky Rezolution is full of some really great miniatures that will fit in most sci-fi settings. The Ronin could easily slip into an Inquisitor warband or an underhive gang. I originally planned to remove the big bow on her back, but it's too big and it would've needed too …

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