Wednesday, August 30, 2017

2 Cthulhu Things and GenCon Paint'n'Take Infinity Mini

First up, an Infinity miniature from the Paint'n'Take at GenCon this year. It's been a coupel years since I was able to get in at the Paint'n'Take, but it was worth it. The state of the mini after about an hour at GenCon (above) and after about another hour of touchup and finishing (below).

From the Bones 3 Kickstarter, the Cthulhu Obelisk.

Above, the minismith and Mr Brown investigate...
Below, Uncle 'Thulhu examines a family heirloom...

I came across one of the Scibor Monstrous Dice at GenCon and snatched it up without a second thought. The first bit of GenCon loot I've managed to paint.
Below a comparison shot with the GenCon 45th Anniversary D6 from 2012.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Cyber Pig, Space Salvager, and PreePree

An odd trio of figs this time from various Kickstarters.

First up the cyber Pig from the Astropolis KS. I love this fat little pig with his doodads.

Next a conversion of one of the Salvagers from a Johnny Lauk KS. The head weas a bit too cartoony so I swapped it for a resin Rasta Head from someplace. He looks much better with the more realistic head.

Finally a PreePree from the World of Twilight/Anyaral KS from a few years ago.

Friday, July 7, 2017

The Governor (Colony 87) and Some Objectives

Not terribly productive, but at least some things have gotten painted in recent weeks.

First up we have some scatter terrain or objective markers in the form of the ammo crates that came with the Dreamforge Eisenkern Storm Troopers set. These were quick and easy and I went with different colors so they could be more versatile as objectives. I had originally thought about making 2 bases with 3 or 4 on eachThe Governor a, but they seemed more useful as single pieces.

"Pay no attention to us! We are no threat to you, citizen!" These nice Malignancy guys do not seem to be a threat...

This next objective is from the recent Data Targets Kickstarter. These are 3D printed objectives specifically for Infinity, but they're also generic enough for anything. This one is a beacon. The detail wasn't great and there are some visible striations, but on the tabletop this should not be too noticeable. I hope to get a few more of the pieces from this Kickstarter painted soon.

And another objective piece, this time one of the computer terminals from the Sedition Wars terrain pack. I have started cleaning up various pieces from that set to help add to my techy scatter terrain collection, so there should be some more random Sedition Wars stuff soon.

Finally, a figure one from the first Colony 87 Kickstarter (I think there's only 1 left to paint from that first KS). This time it's the fancy Lord-Governor figure- Governor Tashkent. I had him partially painted for months and just hit a roadblock. Inspiration finally returned and I think he turned out pretty nice.
Below we have Governor and Madame Tashkent, together with paint and matching Sedition Wars plastic scenic bases. Time to oppress the populace.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Doctor Tennant & Some Technarch Aliens

Finally some finished minis to show off!

I had long been wanting to do something like Warlock of the New Mutants to add another batch of aliens to the never-ending spaceport project. to that end I got some Woos Elf plastic Dryad bits and started playing around with them. This was the first attempt, a Technarch Civilian. I didn't like how it originally turned out,so it's been sitting around for a year. I think it's better now, but I still don't love it. I think it needs more black, but i can't get the "circuitry" look I'm going for.

Then I stole an idea I saw from someone else who combined the Dryad bits with some Tyranid bits. This gave me a couple of Technarch warrior class (a Catafrakta above and a Hoplikta below, because bastardized Greek for space stuff is cool) types. They have a color scheme closer to Warlock, and it seems to work better than the blue for the civilian. More of these guys are coming...

Finally, the Heresy Miniatures "Dr. Hugh" painted up as a birthday gift for my mom who's a big Tennant fan.

Based him up on a fancy pipeworks base with some sort of glowy molten hole thing, because that seems like somewhere he'd be nonchalantly standing.

...and the obligatory shot with the Reaper Bones Tardis.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Space/Cyber Dragon WIP Finished Base

Finally, the base has been completed! I think it will serve well once the Cyber Dragon is completed and ready to rampage across the galaxy.

Now that this integral part is done, maybe I'll get back to the cyber dragon himself.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Space/Cyber Dragon WIP 2 (The Base)

I finally decided to go ahead with the Dragonforge Goth Tech Expansion 60mm base from their Kickstarter. It's a pretty solid resin piece with a nice look to it.
For the dragon's right foot, I added a battle-damaged AT-43 Therian to the base in the right spot. To make sure he doesn't move, I pinned his head to the base and glued his remaining foot near the edge of the base. He seems pretty secure now.
For the dragon to be attached to the base I decided to pin his tail and left foot to the base. These pins are still loose now because I figured the base and dragon should be painted separately to make it all go smoother.

I think the composition is pretty good for his action pose. For these pics I swapped the weapons around from last time because-- magnets!
Some painting should be in the next update.