A Couple More Servoskulls- Torch and Hatted

These two were painted at teh same time because they're small and I love servoskulls.

First up is the torch-skull. I used a resin skull from Dragonforge (most often what I use for servoskull conversions) and some bent guitar string for the 'spine.' There was an old rubbery circular bead or something that I sliced up to make the flame pot crown and the flame piece is an old plastic bit from some GW kit. For his beard, I had an unused sliver of UV resin that I thought would look cool as a beard, so I added it- it didn't paint up as nicely as I had hoped, but it does the job. I need to make several more of these now.

The skull with no name was an idea I had put off trying for a long time. I finally put it together a couple months ago and I really like how he turned out. Flying cybernetic skulls with hats are kind of awesome.


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