Sunday, January 15, 2012

The State of the Forge- January 2012

The Minismith's Forge was cleaned and everything removed and reprioritized for the change in calender. Then some of the old stuff returned and some new stuff got put on it.

And still not much has gotten finished lately. 

The only finished things so far this year have been a couple of figs for eBay up in the top left of the pic (check out the eBay Minis Blog to see the not-as-awesome-as-I'd-hoped Chronoscope minis in more detail). But the lag will soon change- I've got a couple of things almost ready to roll out for public view, just a few more painting hours and they'll be ready, hopefully, maybe...

So the first actual update for 2012 should come out before the end of the month. Anything you see in this picture that you want to see finished and posted drop me a line to lobby for it!

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