Monday, August 23, 2010

Two WarGods Conversion WiPs

I'm obsessed with converting minis, I can't help myself. Often it's just a stupid little change that most people won't notice but MUST be done. Like on the "Artifex Working" WarGods 2010 event miniature. I love everything about the fig but the hammer head. So I swapped it out for what I feel is a more appropriate hammer head. Simple and it makes me very happy.

Then there's the more elaborate conversion to come up with an Aspect of the Hunter mini. Even though I only have one unit of actual Typhon (the OOP Archers) I still feel the need to do a Hunter conversion since I've done a Heru Aspect of the Defender conversion. She needs a nemesis even if it's only on a shelf.

I got a box of Starship Trooper bugs at GenCon in hopes of using one of them as the main body of the conversion. After fiddling with various leg configurations I decided to go with one leg in a "preparing to strike" pose since there's not going to be a massive scorpion-like tail.

And here is the body part loosly attached to give an idea of what the final figure might look like, but I won't reveal the exact mini it is until after she's completed. I still need to do something about the torso/thorax joint- I'm thinking of sculpting some fur to cover that area and maybe adding a weapon or bow and quiver.

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