Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Finished Androsynth Conversion and "Not-Cable"

These figs were actually done over a month ago but my Canon Sureshot of 5 or more years had the viewscreen die- this makes it impossible to take any pictures. So I reverted to my ancient (1997!?) Kodak ds with special close-up lenses which I had forgotten most of the tricks for. These pics are much better than the first several while I was relearning the Kodak quirks.
I've always loved the original Void Tactical Androsynths (the ones with guns) and some of the Assault Androsynths. For years I've been meaning to do this conversion or a variation of it- giving one of the Assault Androsynths a plasma rifle to make a more characterful 'borg. Well I finally did it using this guy and just a few bits from my vast odd collection.

The first thing was to make the rifle fit in his right hand. I trimmed away the stock/grip from the rifle and a little of thumb. Then I drilled into the hand and the rifle for pinning. Next up I tried to figure out what would work best as a power cable for the rifle. I came across this really cool springy bracelet that I saved from being disposed of long ago. After drilling into the back of the rifle it was clear that 2 power cables would fit and double the coolness of curved springiness. I was originally going to leave the cables springy, but it became clear that this was not going to work well as I test-fitted them from the rifle to the holes I drilled in his back. Luckily I had some floral wire that fit just right through the hole in the cables, so with this rigid spine the cables would be strong and secure.

The cover for the power cables on his back is a small rubbery thing from my bits box that I think came from an ancient Zoids toy. I cut it in half and trimmed it so it would fit nicely over the cables and cut the notch in the bottom for the cables to fit better. Some Gorilla Super Glue and a few minutes holding the 'power pack' down and it was nicely secured. After a little gap filling that was it for the back.
I wanted to do something else to help distinguish him from other Androsynths around so since he might be used in a sci-fi Egyptian setting I decided to give him a false beard. Borgs with beards are just cooler than regular borgs. I drilled into the chin and twisted two or three of the smallest wire I have for the beard. The twisted wire beard fit in nicely. After the glue dried I gently pulled the bottom of the beard to the side to make it look a little more interesting than a straight long bronze beard looks.

Finally it was time to paint. I came up with the paint scheme after thinking about his possible role in the StarGods of Ægypton IV setting. He would be a rebel against the new foreign Pharaoh and one of the last of the Aten Guard robot warriors who protected the deceased Pharaoh. With that in mind I looked up a few hieroglyphs that might come in handy. The marking on his right kneepad is Ptah (because robots are called Ptah in the setting after the ancient craftsman who made the first robots), it's a little obscure but you can kind of make it out. On his right shoulder pad is the Aten Guard hieroglyph. He's also got rank markings on his other shoulder pad and right leg. He's also got some 'warpaint' markings on his 'chin' because I thought it would add more character to his pretty plain head.

Here's Kekhaat with the not-Cable Viridian marine conversion. the not-Cable was finally finished about the same time as Kekhaat. He was cleaned up and I added a few more details to him here and there.

Next up- recently painted minis and a couple from GenCon!!!

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