Two Space Witches - Victoria Miniatures

These are some great figures from Victoria Miniatures- they've both been partially painted since I got them from an order around this time last year. I bit down and focused to get them removed from the prescription bottles I use as painting handles to make room for the ever-growing hordes of primed minis on the painting table. I really like how they both turned out.

First up is the Angelhead Archivist Utilitarian (Sister Preacher from Victoria) to go with these guys. I love open books and the like because then I can pretend to write really small and use different colors for the inks and pictures and magical text. I think her dress came out even better than the Editor-Clerics (and I was pretty happy with how those guys turned out).

Here's the Utilitarian with some of the Editor-Clerics from the Angelhead Archives to see how well they fit together.

And this is the Astromancer (Astro Witch from Victoria). I was tempted to go with green gowns like the Utilitarian above, but I've already sort of made blues the Astropath color for the other minis that are sort of in that role in my collection. I did give her a little green for the loincloth-type of thing, though. It was a struggle between a darker color (it was this close to being black) for her hood but I think the lighter grey works well here.

And here is the Astromancer with some other Cosmic 'mancers (all three from Colony 87)...

Finally here's both of these ladies with the Wandering Techpriest and his Apprentice...


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