Tech Bazaar 05- Hovering Machine Felopian Orbital Defender

It's a satellite, or something, that the Tech Bazaar staff came upon and added to their eclectic collection. 

I've been obsessed with the idea of floating terrain for quite some time. This is the first idea that has actually come together past the sketch phase.

I started off with a nice little square pill bottle and pretty much added stuff to that to make it look scifi. To get the Hovering effect I used some twisted heavy floral wire and a guitar string. The device can be removed from the wires for storage but it's pretty secure.

Here the Fakaero demonstrate that a resin or plastic miniature should be able to stand on top of the machine to a commanding view of the surrounding area. 

And here are the ever-wandering Techpriest and his Apprentice with the Felopian Orbital Defender...


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