Space Knight Sir Brother Targus and Servoskull Squires


Sir Brother Targus and his servoskull squires have finally been completed. A lot of converting and scratch building went into all three of these to produce a fun grimdark-ish cyborg space knight.

Here's the base Heroclix figure with all the modifications brought together, but first look at the craftsmanship of the chain halberd and the shoulder-mounted turbo-laser. Some plastic tubing and various bits go a long way.

The servoskull banner bearer. The banner is from some old high elf kit. Sadly the checks on the banner are not as impressive as I hoped for.

And here's the tougher shield bearer squire with damaged shield. I really like how this little guy came together. 

Now to Sir Brother Targus himself. The checker pattern is not as extensive as I wanted- I thought two rows would be best but then I tried it and decided one row was okay- but it looks good. His main body area armor is some color-shifting paint. I've learned how to get more specific results with this stuff by using different undercoats- this had a dark blue that gives it a more purple look.

His helmet is a resin bit from Maxmini and I really like how it came out, there'sso much detail but its alsoa very simple design.. The guitar string cable attached to the turbo-laser is rigid enough to support it and it looks cool.

Now some action shots of Sir Brother Targus. First up he's battling an onslaught of space ratmen...

Next, Sir Brother Targus clashes with the feral AI...

Finally,  the Wandering Techpriest and his Apprentice meet Sir Brother Targus and discuss technical things...


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