Some Computers and Objectives

Three computer things from Mantic's Terrain Crate and a couple of random sci-fi objective markers this time.

First is a resin technical piece of equipment for doing techy sorts of things that would need a scientist to explain more thoroughly. This came from a booth at GenCon that does 3D printing of all kinds of terrain and bits form miniatures of various scales and genres.

Next is a Stargrave data-loot objective from that recent release.

Here's the first of 3 Mantic sci-fi computer terminals- the tallscreen one.

This is the widescreen version.

This one I decided to make the bigger screen more high-tech so it got blue for the squiggly screen instead of my normal retro neon green (plus my ancient Ral Partha flourescent Green paint pot is getting very low). There are screens on both sides of this design.

 And here we have various sci-fi folks checking their v-messages and looking at a thing someone left unattended.


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