Lady Makbekh and Mercurio


A very simple conversion of a Freebooter miniature and a scratchbuilt servoskull. Lady Makbekh is the leader of a fallen Noble House. Mercurio is a servoskull made from her consort. So now there's another gang or warband that's being planned out and built...

The only conversion on Lady Makbekh was adding the weapon rig and the optical cybernetic. As a Werner Klocke sculpt she's basically almost perfect as is.

Mercurio started out as a Necron head. I thought since he'd be from a powerful Noble House, would be cool with a golden mask. This also ties in well with how the Lady's face was painted. The nodule on top of his head almost got a big weapon mounted on it but nothing looked right so I painted it as a glowing laser-type weapon (again, a Noble would have more access to fancy weaponry].

Here we have Sir Brother Targus conversing with Lady Makbekh. 

Some shady dealing between Lady Makbekh and "The Fish."

Finally, the Wandering Techpriest and Apprentice meet Lady Makbekh on their journeys...


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