Space Rat Pack (Minismith Roulette Round 4)

Round 4 of Minismith Roulette!

When I saw the choices in this expanded cell I was very tempted to reroll but once more resisted the temptation so this whole exercise would remain above board. There were two Skink conversions with high-tech blaster spears and a load of Veermyn...

I picked up the Veermyn starter box from the Mantic booth at a GenCon in the distant past. I was hyped to paint up a bunch of space not-Skaven but only managed to get 3 done at the time. Below are the original 3 from a few years ago...

There were six of these ratmen. I probably should have just assembly-line painted but I prefer to have more individualized figures even if they're part of a larger group.  So I went 2-by-2 using similar colors for both miniatures but mixing up where they would go on the mini.

The next two

And the last two- the runner-rat lost his tail somewhere and I thought it would be cool to give him a cyber-tail. This guy is 'the Stainless Steel Rat' now, in my head...

And here we have the whole lot of them with the original three

Here we see the whole rat pack scramble across terrain on their way to cause havoc at the spaceport.

What's next batch of figures for the Minismith Roulette? Here's the roll:


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