Lasercraft Workshop Sci-Fi Containers


At GenCon 2019 I came across a booth full of lasercut prefab terrain that was pretty cool looking. So I grabbed their sci-fi crates set and proceeded to not build it. Well, I've built it now and they're pretty good. The paintjobs are pretty quick and dirty with drybrushing and washes the main components. 

The set comes with 3 sizes- 3 small crates, 2 medium crates, and 1 big crate. They go together pretty easily with just white glue. There are some minor gaps here and there, I toyed with using some UV resin to seal them up but decided against it because this was supposed to be a quick and easy project and the gaps aren't too noticeable in real life.

Here are the three small crates along with some minis {Hasslefree and GW)for a better idea of the relative size.

The two medium sized crates stackied up and with Grimdark Shefdu and Harakti (converted with WarGods parts and Wargames Factory, GW, and more) making their way from here to there.

Finally, the big crate. The radioactive green armour Dark Eldar chose this container because it is greenish...


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