Monday, May 28, 2018

Terrain- Relay Station & The Shed

A couple more small buildings to help clutter up the table for sci-fi games.

From a cottage cheese container (the kind with some fruit in one side of the container and cottage cheese in the other), some plastic bits and a couple of the Trash Bash Bits doors. Maybe it's the entrance to an underground complex or maybe it's just a storage shed for a bunch of future tech.

Some of the not-Mechanicus warband approach the shed for mysterious reasons.

The Relay Station was made from a corner protector for some piece of electronics and a bunch of plastic bits from all over the place. It could be a communications station, some kind of atmospheric control station, or maybe even a power or sewage station.

These sci-fi ladies are on guard as their hacker does something to the Relay Station controls...


  1. This stuff isn't "lame", it's "liberated" - liberated from landfill!

    Also, I do wish the Trash Bash Bits doors and windows were still available to buy, they come in so useful.

    1. Who says they arent?
      Seems Mr. Roe is still selling them on his FB page.