Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Last Minis of 2015!

A little issue with my card reader left these pics waiting for a transfer process form the camera to the internet (my camera's really quite olde now that I think about it, but it's really very good still). But now I've got the last few minis that were completed before the turn of the year.

Some sci-fi containers to help clutter up the table. They're resin and I think I got them from Iron Wind Metals at GenCon.

From Heresy, one of the Security Guards painted up as an old spacer with a cool jacket.

From the old Chick Challenge that used to be a thing, this is the Hussar Chick sculpted for CCIV back in-- it was a really long time ago. She's been partially painted for years but I couldn't bring myself to finish her up until now.

I finally got 2 of the not-Imperial Guard Beastment from Victoria Miniatures painted.

I really like them both and now want to get the others put together and painted.

On to the 2016 minis!

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