Sunday, September 27, 2015

Daemonaut, Cylinders, Tower and Container

I've been putting off taking pics of all this because I kept telling myself "we need more figures!" But terrain stuff is important too, I finally convinced myself.

First up, a Reaper Chronoscope figure conversion. I picked up the astronaut figure specifically for this conversion because it just seemed like a no-brainer. Months later I finally snipped off the human head and added the demon skull (I think it's from Reaper too) and the Daemonaut was born!

 The base is laser-cut that I picked up from GenCon,sorry I can't recall the company. Below, the minismith and Mr. Brown confront the Daemonaut to discover its intentions...

 The bigger cylinder containers are the anti-moisture tubs from pill bottles. I've been collecting them for years and finally decided it was time to put them together for some blocking terrain. I a;so added a couple of metal "spring" looking beads and (below) some old paintbrush tip protectors as stacked pipes.

 These cylinders were too cool to throw away- they came from a small shelving kit to protect the ends of the legs. I glued 2 together to create these larger containers with the pallet sort of edges for some forklift device to more easily grab them.

 Not-Chiana and some friends use the cylinder containers for cover...

I got a few of these plastic popcorn tubs for next to nothing with the express idea of using them as taller buildings. But the scalloped top presented a bit of a chore to cut off, so I've only done up one so far. I've got a plan for the next one to have strips of plasticard glued over the scallop part to avoid all that trimming.
 Some Ægyptian adventurers about to run into some Nekharu bandits...

I had to get another Reaper Bones cargo container. This time I painted directly onto it instead of priming like on my Kickstarter one. It took the paint okay, we'll see how ell they both stand up to gaming.

The original blue one with the new white one.
 Some Mantic Enforcers searching for a Veermyn trooper...

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