Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fantasy Arc Kickstarter ARRIVAL!!! Bug Hunt Corridors Are Here!

I backed the Fantasy Arc Bug Hunt Corridors sci-fi terrain set on Kickstarter because I thought "hey those look pretty cool and I'd like some nice 3-D hallways that aren't fantasy/medieval themed." It has been a bit of a wait but the box arrived today! I am sick and this is the best thing this week and especially today.

 I'm RICH!!! At least with this awesome laser-cut terrain. There's a metric crap-ton of these hex containers that I think are very cool and the greatest obstacles for sci-fi gaming.

 Here are just a few of the millions of types of kits that I got. It will take some time to assemble everything...

 This is just a standard straight section that I quickly assembled with no glue (still not sure what glue will be best).
 It went together in less than 3 minutes but I wasn't going for a quick assembly time. It was an easy assembly without any trouble from the pieces. Though it is loose because no glue yet so it would likely not stand up long to much handling.

Now some pics with minis! Sorry for the poor lighting. All of these are on 25mm round bases.
 Some scientists doing science-y things...

 These 3 are up to some mischief...

 The Founders being escorted by a Cthood mercenary...

I'm so glad I backed this Kickstarter and the wait was well worth it. Thanks to Ken for this excellent product!

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