Sunday, August 17, 2014

Some Pics From GenCon 2014

Once again pics from a not great little camera built into another device. And of course I was often too busy drooling to remember to get pics of everything...

 These first few pics are from the Wild West Exodus booth- Sci-Fi Wild West minis!

 From the Mantic booth, this is the best pic of their large build with their terrain tiles from Deadzone. Not as cool as the Terrain Tutor thing but still pretty impressive.

 Someday I will do a flying Island thing like this Fantacide terrain piece. I want one!

 Some Robotech minis from the Kickstarter.
 These Robotech RPG Tactics minis look really good in person. The sprue samples they had don't look as complicated as I expected (especially the Zentraedi stuff which was the main reason I backed the Kickstarter).

 Some X-Wing minis set up on one of those really nice/really expensive gaming tables.

And finally a Crocodile Games Titan on this card terrain that's made of some dry-erase material. This stuff is pretty sturdy because that mini weighs quite a lot (all metal).

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  1. Thanks, looks like a lot of fun. And who wouldn't want a hovering-flying piece of terrain!