March 1 Update- SciFi figs, Fantasy Figs and an Ægyptian Harem Girl

 A mixed bag this time.

 I think this is either a MageKnight Metal treeman or maybe from the Chainmail range.

 A Reaper Chronoscope mini. This guy is a half-alien space adventurer type with his buddies below.

 From the Egyptian Harem Girls 2 Indiegogo campaign. This is the first of any of the Harem Girls I've gotten painted. I really want to pledge on the new campaign but I need to get more from the first 2 painted before I can justify it. Her eye makeup didn't come out as nice as I thought...

 A repainted Star Wars plastic figure for use as an alien civilian. Below he's interacting with other spaceport denizens.

And finally a little dragon familiar. This was part of a Leviathan Elf standard but I cut it down to just the dragon part and mounted it on part of a WarGods objective marker (I think it was an eye of Horus base).


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