Shield Swap, 2 Chicks, and a Sebeki Conventioneer

My first ToTanem Spearman conversion. Looking at the myriad of different shield now available to me I decided his original one wasn't so great and swapped it out for one of the Forge of Ice Sherden shields.

Now his shield fits in better with his comrads' size-wise.

Tale of War "Jannet" (I've renamed her Minerva Jones) with a slight conversion (pistol hand instead of the original hockey stick).

Hasslefree "Maxine" space girl adventuress. I've not seen a painted version of this mini yet, hopefully I haven't ruined it for everyone...

 And finally my second Sebeki Conventioneer (Crocodile Games' convention figure from 2010?)!

Like the original, he's got a cup of Ka-berry juice to enjoy while waitinginline...

And here are the two together, no doubt discussing the upcoming Olympus book Kickstarter.


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