March 15 Update

Another eclectic mix of terrain and minis...

First up- 4 more Vanguard Troopers from the Battle for Alabaster box.

The first  Reaver heavy weapon.

The first Lancer heavy weapoin.

The first male Vanguard Trooper.

The very limited edition* helmetless male Vanguard Trooper. {*a conversion headswap with the extra reaver fig that came in the box. It was pretty easy and more headswaps are coming with the gobs of plastic heads from various plastic sets I've got.}

A Tormented Mummy figure from Crocodile Games. Poor guy is floating along the sands a puppet of the Eater of the Dead.

Anobjective marker for various settings- the Jade-ish Scorpion.

More CD base terrain!!! A plastic waterbottle cross-section for a simple quonset hut multi-genre piece.

...and another ruins piece made with foam blocks and marshmallows.

 Finally, a look at the expanding Ruins set.

And also how they stack up nicely for shelf storage.


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