Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pudding on a Base With Cthulus

A strange and wonderful terrain idea I had the other night and threw together.

Nowhere near done but it's going to be pretty simple and I think pretty cool...

It's not actually pudding just some weird thick paint I don't like to use on minis that I want to use up.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bennu and Percipiant- Minis for WarGods and Beyond

A "red peacock" or Bennu for the Monsters of Ægyptus project!

It's a Forge of Ice peacock mini painted to be a not-phoenix. I was inspired by Alex's latest posted pics of a painted one of these in traditional peacock colors to finally finish my non-traditional red version...

Then something that's been sitting around unfinished for years and years. This is the Percipiant, more on the background of it elsewhere and later. The piece is the back disk-thingy from the Chronopia Stygian Priestess. It was painted up first long before I decided to do something totally different with the Priestess.

It's been sitting around for over ten years waiting to be called up for some purpose or other. I decided to base it as an objective marker or something. More info will eventually be posted over in the Duelling Scrolls blog...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The State of the Forge- January 2012

The Minismith's Forge was cleaned and everything removed and reprioritized for the change in calender. Then some of the old stuff returned and some new stuff got put on it.

And still not much has gotten finished lately. 

The only finished things so far this year have been a couple of figs for eBay up in the top left of the pic (check out the eBay Minis Blog to see the not-as-awesome-as-I'd-hoped Chronoscope minis in more detail). But the lag will soon change- I've got a couple of things almost ready to roll out for public view, just a few more painting hours and they'll be ready, hopefully, maybe...

So the first actual update for 2012 should come out before the end of the month. Anything you see in this picture that you want to see finished and posted drop me a line to lobby for it!