Final Horrible Halloween Minis- Sebeki Conventioneer and a not-Superman Guy

These should have gone up on Halloween, but they had to wait until today.

From Rezolution, this is one of the martial arts master guys. I just got him because he reminded me of a grown up version of Superman in the Christopher Reeve version where kid Superman arrives in the field and he's got this Superman colors blanket wrapped around him. Well that's what this guy's 'skirt' made me think of.

He's got blue skin because he's NOT human so he's gotta have some unearthly skin color and this blue looks cool on him.

Finally the jewel in the crown of Horrible Halloween Minis painting stunt-- from Crocodile Games released at GenCon 2010-- the Sebeki Conventioneer!

He's sort of a tribute to everyone's favorite Alaskan, Alex Bates. I opted for a different head so I could do the tongue gag. When he was almost done I realized he needed an Egyptian-style flase beard, so that delayed him a little more, but I think it was worth it.

With some awesome stuff in his bag and a Ka-berry slushy (you can tell by the color of his tongue) he's ready to head back into the Dealer Hall. When I first looked at the stuff in his bag I didn't realze that there was a blister pack for a mini in the front- sweet!

I'm not saying that Alex's "Saur Wars" project will come to fruition in 2012- whoever designed the tshirt is saying that. Or maybe that's when the documentary about Saur Wars will be coming out....
One little thing that's hard to make out is the "Sandfly" tattoo on his left shin. I may need to make it a different color. Also the logo on the bag isn't as prominent as I had hoped- it's waves on either side of a seated figure (possibly Horus) and a bundle of reeds tied together. I'm not sure what it would really mean but I was going for something like "Horus' Stuff Shop."


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