Tech Bazaar 07 - Large Platform and Generator

 The Large Platform and a new Generator are now ready to take their place with the other Tech Bazaar pieces. But the Tech Bazaar project is far from done.

This new generator was made with a bubblegum tape dispenser and an oxygen line connector based on an old giftcard with some additional bits. I tried to put some texture on the base but it didn't turn out so good. But overall this piece turned out pretty good- I've been wanting to do one of these style builds forever.

The double-sized, or large, platform expands the ability to have smaller terrain bits off the ground. Once the next platform (the extra large?) is done there will be even more modularity for the terrain set and I'm jotting notes on other future expansions far too much. The large platform has most of the techy bits on the underside to leave the top clear for maximum flexibility...

Here's the new generator and the large platform with some minis and other terrain bits for scale purposes.

And here's a large setup with terrain and lots of minis to show just one of countless configurations available...


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