Inquisitor Conversion (Olde Chronopia Mini)

This mini from the Chronopia line of miniatures had only been partly painted since it came out in the late 90s (!?). I've stowed him sway for years at a time, ashamed of the lack of progress only to bring him out for a short time and then put him away again... Then, the other day I was going through the container he's been trapped in and decided it was his time, finally...
I wanted to convert him to be an Inquisitor of some sort. Generally he was unchanged, first I took him off the regular round 25mm base and found a fancy base from the Micro Art Studios/Coolmini Kickstarter. The slotta tab got snipped off and I drilled a hole in the base and foot. He comes from a time when most miniatures were metal, and this guy is very solid. I decided to leave him off the base to paint them both separately. Next his giant thick shoulder pad protrusions were removed and I filed down the surface for smoothness.

Next I had to give him something to bring him into a more sci-fi setting.  Rejected options include: a servo skull with a gun attached with a tether to the Inquisitor, techy bits attached to the axe, a face swap, and a holstered pistol. The winner was a big gun attached with a cable and some antigrav device attached to it. In the pictures there's a little chunk of flock stuck to the side of the gun- ignore it, it was simply wiped away.

I don't know what Ordo he would be from, but it's likely something to do with  machines because all the cogs. He's a bit short so maybe he's half-Squat?

For comparison, first up we have the recently completed female Inquistor.

Next up is the towering Primaris Marine...

Finally, for comparison purposes only, please do not create a possible scenario from the scene, we've got the Governor and his retinue with our new Inquisitor...


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