Colony 87 - Spacekid Spiff, Courier and Lil' Mutant Guy

Three from the third Colony 87 Kickstarter this time. 

First up, this little mutant guy (Homunculid?) who is a larger version of the lil' guy held by the Lady Tashkent. I decided this larger guy was likely much older (that's why he's got a little cane).

Here's the Homunculid with the aforementioned Lady Tashkent and her littler mutant guy. For the more aged homunclid I copied the design from Tashkent's base with UV Resin to fit it onto a smaller 20mm round base and keep the theme since he should usually be found near her.

Next up is the Space Courier with his streamlined hat! His right eye is supposed to be an implant or maybe some sort of wearable tech monocle thingy.
The jacket and pants don't look as close in color in person, but they did turn out a lot closer than I intended.

Here we can see how the Space Courier fits into the crowded areas of the spaceport...

Finally, the space kid. When I saw him during the Kickstarter my first thought was "Spacekid Spiff!" and that's how I've referred to him ever since.
His little stuffed robot is obviously named H0bz because it must be...

Here we see Spiff taking time out from his adventures to talk with a strange Doctor...


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