Monday, May 28, 2018

Sarcophagus Beast and Another Space Mummy Gunfighter

A couple of Egyptian-themed sci-fi minis!!!

First up, the second Space Mummy Gunfighter (a conversion of one of the Pharon miniatures from the Vor line of miniatures). This one's original gun was a way oversized thing that is now in the bits box- I decided a plastic Dark Eldar pistol looked like it fit much better.

This thing started out as a plastic prepainted D&D mini (I have no idea what it was called, but it had a wierd tentacle instead of a head). I added the plastic Tomb Kings head because I thought "that will be REALLY weird!" I picture this as the Space Mummies' bloodhound that helps them track down their victims/bounty.

And here we have the entire (so far) Space Mummy Crew! I'm keeping an eye out for any other mummies that might fit with these 2 to expand the Space Mummy Crew.

Terrain- Relay Station & The Shed

A couple more small buildings to help clutter up the table for sci-fi games.

From a cottage cheese container (the kind with some fruit in one side of the container and cottage cheese in the other), some plastic bits and a couple of the Trash Bash Bits doors. Maybe it's the entrance to an underground complex or maybe it's just a storage shed for a bunch of future tech.

Some of the not-Mechanicus warband approach the shed for mysterious reasons.

The Relay Station was made from a corner protector for some piece of electronics and a bunch of plastic bits from all over the place. It could be a communications station, some kind of atmospheric control station, or maybe even a power or sewage station.

These sci-fi ladies are on guard as their hacker does something to the Relay Station controls...