Friday, September 26, 2014

Quick-Painted Bughunt Corridor and Soy Paint on Hexcrates

After this straight section was assembles with glue I gave it a quick and dirty basic paintjob. More details will likely come later- and I'm still not sure if this is how I want the main color scheme to look for these. 
 Silver metallic or the floor grating. The interior walls are a red-brown. The supports are a dark midnight blue. And the outside is a flat black (I was going for wear on the outside walls, that's why the light coverage in areas.

 With some 28mm Reaper Chronoscope figs for scale.
I'm happy with it for now. I really need to get more sections together and painted to see how it will look overall. And next time I will likely wait to attach the walls until the rest has been painted.

Back to the Soy Paint from a few updates ago- here are the bottles. I had forgotten they were from Delta.

These are assembled hex crates from the Bughunt Corridors Kickstarter painted with the brown and red soy paints. I did a drybrush over the soy paints with an off-white to add some weathering to them.

 Here are the hex crates with a couple 28mm ladies to show how big they are.

 And the 2 hex crates inside the painted straight section of corridor with a 28mm Grey Alien figure to show how everything goes together.