Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lame Terrain- SciFimpediments

Now THIS is what the occasional Lame Terrain feature is all about. What to do with all those sprues leftover from all the new plastics out there? If you're me you look at them after snipping them clean of the miniature bits and think "those do stack up pretty nicely- wonder what they'd look like as pallets or some industrial futuristic junk for scifi minis?" Then you'd spend a half hour stacking the various sizes into various heights and putting minis next to them to see if it's a good fit.

Once you've convinced yourself that this would be some okay-looking very cheap terrain, you'd trim off any of the sharper bits and glue them together making sure you alternate the direction of each sprue to "fill" the center of the structures.

Not too bad for general obstructions.

I have been contemplating either paper or plasticard "walls" to make them more solid. I've also been debating whether they should just be spray painted black or brown or something.

i'm not sure that I came up with this idea or half-remembered it from someone else, either way it's a good way to recycle those multitude of sprues you've probably got laying around...