Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fake Battle Scene 1- Yiksossi Assault on the Secret Base

For Roebeast's Trash Bash 2011 one of the pictures of the finished entry needed an "in game" background shot. Since no one (not even ME) actually plays StarGods (YET!) I had to get some minis together that have been converted, for the mostly non-existent ruleset, and some others that would fit the setting.

These are a handful from the first "game" I set up. The situation is a raid by the Yiksossi/Pharaonic Loyalists Patrol under the leadership of Loyalist Assessor (not-Jedi Knight) Harakthe (the Heru one in red) and Rogue Assessor Scarmoth's band of scrappy rebels.

A closeup of the not-lightsaber duel between Scarmoth (heroic defender of Ra's Law) and Harakthe (turncoat Loyalist to  the foreign Queen Akhenatia and her Yiksossi allies). In the background is the Reiver that this is all about...

The Reiver takes center stage here. It has disgorged a 4-man Raider Team (some Void minis that were surprisingly already painted to match the Reiver) led by a Yiksossi Noble (the fancy Eldar guy). At the entrance to the rebel Base is a motley defense line ready to meet the foreign invaders (L-R: Khanumite, conversion of a Khemru Slinger; Sobekite, conversion of a Sebeki; Sirian Horus Regiment Defetor, an olde Star Trek Security Officer from RAFM[?]; Rogue Ptah [Droid/Robot], conversion of a Void Syntha guy; and a Cthood Mercenary, Wargames Factory Shock Trooper with the squid-head).

On another part of the battlefield, Apprentice Nebseni charges into a Loyalist Army unit led by a Tothian Female Noble. Nebseni is supported by some other Rebels including the Philosopher Rabhicca (the Nekharu conversion guy who is meant to be a non-Jedi wizard or something).

Of course, this battle ends with a successful Rebel escape and Assessor Harakthe suffering injuries that leave him unable to take part in the next battle. Unfortunately Nebseni also suffered injuries keeping him from the next battle ("rash young Apprentice")...