Saturday, April 9, 2011

SCARAB Project - 1 -Raw Materials

Whilst trying to figure out what to build for Roebeast's Trash Bash 2011 I came across this awesomely-shaped mouse. I've long had plans for this thing and after seeing THIS by Fitz I realized what could be done with it.

It's a cool olde Gyropoint mouse that you could pick up off the table and be several feet away from a flat surface but it would work just as well when you moved it around in the air. It was great fun to use, but it was from a time before scroll-wheels (we've all been spoiled by those!) and it stopped functioning several years ago. Unlike most other mice, it's very symmetrical. The two gyro-buttons on the sides (the grey ones) add to its potential to be a great sci-fi vehicle.

I've called it the SCARAB because of my (lame) SF version of WarGods of Ægyptus - StarGods- Rebels of Ægypton V. In the fluff the evil foreign queen Akhenatia takes over after her husband, the beloved Pharaoh, dies mysteriously. She puts all kinds of reforms in place and tries to purge the Jedi-- I mean Assessors-- but many of them survive and become rebels fighting against her and her foreign troops and those traitorous citizens of Ægypton V that support her. One of the reforms is to decommission most of the SCARAB Swarm that was the main protection for the planet.

The SCARAB Swarm was a fleet of semi-autonomous AI weapons platforms that function in all environments. They're like OGREs but smaller and Egyptian themed-- and they can fly. So this mouse is he perfect shape to be a SCARAB. Now I just have to figure out what else to put on it to make it look really cool...

A Wargames Factory Shock Trooper plastic figure to help show how big the mouse is next to a 28mm miniature. This is gonna be fun...