Thursday, November 11, 2010

TwinDay MMX Mini! (And the 2K one, too!)

The 6th was my and my young twin's (separated by twenty-some years) birthday. I've tried to do a miniature on each of our shared birthdays (since 1998) but I think I've only managed these two. Hopefully I can remedy that before Mychala become a teenager...

The first TwinDay mini was this slight conversion of an olde 40K Eldar Guardian. I managed to sculpt the little tentacled thing over a really bad miscast arm area. The inspiration came from a picture of me carrying Mychala around (and my actual memories of how tightly she would grab on since I was always the tallest person in the room so that helped her survey the situation).

The figure was named "Alekym & Truyb" which is basically "Mychala & Burt" backwards- I am known in some circles by my middle name.

And now for the latest TwinDay mini, a slightly converted "Kitty" from Hasslefree. I call it "Faith and Clarkethulu."

I really like how the Clarkethulu came out, and the Global Frequency logo shirt, and the jeans... I think Mychala will get a kick out of it.