Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tethru Slinger 8 by Alex Bates for Me

A while back (I won't say how long because I forget exactly how long) I sent Alex a couple minis to convert for me at his request. A week or so ago I got the Tethru Slinger conversion back- this makes the 8th Slinger for the converted unit (9 if you count the Captain or 10 if you count the baboon Standard Bearer) and the first done by someone other than me that I know of.

I like the 'human' body look with the 'bird' head colors. I've been wanting to do this, but since I started out the other way I didn't want to go back and change the olde figures. The conversion of the Anubi Slinger with the hair to the Tethru head is great.

And here he is in a slightly WarGods setting with an Alien Pharoah monument.

A great thanks to Alex for all the work he put into this guy. I suspect the Anubi mutant will be just as skookum when he arrives...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

TwinDay MMX Mini! (And the 2K one, too!)

The 6th was my and my young twin's (separated by twenty-some years) birthday. I've tried to do a miniature on each of our shared birthdays (since 1998) but I think I've only managed these two. Hopefully I can remedy that before Mychala become a teenager...

The first TwinDay mini was this slight conversion of an olde 40K Eldar Guardian. I managed to sculpt the little tentacled thing over a really bad miscast arm area. The inspiration came from a picture of me carrying Mychala around (and my actual memories of how tightly she would grab on since I was always the tallest person in the room so that helped her survey the situation).

The figure was named "Alekym & Truyb" which is basically "Mychala & Burt" backwards- I am known in some circles by my middle name.

And now for the latest TwinDay mini, a slightly converted "Kitty" from Hasslefree. I call it "Faith and Clarkethulu."

I really like how the Clarkethulu came out, and the Global Frequency logo shirt, and the jeans... I think Mychala will get a kick out of it.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Final Horrible Halloween Minis- Sebeki Conventioneer and a not-Superman Guy

These should have gone up on Halloween, but they had to wait until today.

From Rezolution, this is one of the martial arts master guys. I just got him because he reminded me of a grown up version of Superman in the Christopher Reeve version where kid Superman arrives in the field and he's got this Superman colors blanket wrapped around him. Well that's what this guy's 'skirt' made me think of.

He's got blue skin because he's NOT human so he's gotta have some unearthly skin color and this blue looks cool on him.

Finally the jewel in the crown of Horrible Halloween Minis painting stunt-- from Crocodile Games released at GenCon 2010-- the Sebeki Conventioneer!

He's sort of a tribute to everyone's favorite Alaskan, Alex Bates. I opted for a different head so I could do the tongue gag. When he was almost done I realized he needed an Egyptian-style flase beard, so that delayed him a little more, but I think it was worth it.

With some awesome stuff in his bag and a Ka-berry slushy (you can tell by the color of his tongue) he's ready to head back into the Dealer Hall. When I first looked at the stuff in his bag I didn't realze that there was a blister pack for a mini in the front- sweet!

I'm not saying that Alex's "Saur Wars" project will come to fruition in 2012- whoever designed the tshirt is saying that. Or maybe that's when the documentary about Saur Wars will be coming out....
One little thing that's hard to make out is the "Sandfly" tattoo on his left shin. I may need to make it a different color. Also the logo on the bag isn't as prominent as I had hoped- it's waves on either side of a seated figure (possibly Horus) and a bundle of reeds tied together. I'm not sure what it would really mean but I was going for something like "Horus' Stuff Shop."