Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lame Terrain Project- Pillar Bases

So I have all these wedding cake pillars that need to be used for terrain (goto the Hobby Lobby site and get the 40% off coupon when it's available and you too can stock up on pillars for cheap). I finally pushed myself into seeing what can be done with them.

Two olde CDs as bases. A little leftover 'brick' paper. Some clear plasticard and a couple pillars. Craft glue and some Gorilla Super Glue round out the supplies. With a very little amount of thought as to placement then some glue and they're halfway done...

The Nekharu conversion guy is there to help give an idea of the scale of these.

One of the pillar bases with my still unfinished Minotaur.

The other pillar base with some Heru and an Asar.

Coming very soon: the first 'finished' pillar base.

I'm Bloggin!

Another venue to share my occaisionally usefyul information. I plan to share painted miniatures pictures, miniatures projects, and whatever the hell else strikes my fancy I guess.

The title "Minismith's Forge" is a goofy thing from when I first started messing around with miniatures and someone made a joke about how I was like a blacksmith but with miniatures. Thus it was that 'minismith' was born. A minismith needs a forge to shape the miniatures right? So the Minismith's Forge became a place to share pictures of my creations. I should really get one of those heavy aprons....