Cultist and Some MBA Pieces


The first of the Blackstone Fortress chaos cultist set and some scatter terrain from Miniature Building Authority I picked up at Adepticon finished and ready for the tabletop. 

Just a dirty rusty metal wall.

Tire barriers.

Here are the new ones with one I picked up at a GenCon some time ago. 

Are these eggs? Maybe they're batteries? Possibly bombs?

This cultist was one of the miniatures from the Cultists of the Abyss set that pushed me over the edge to get it. She's got a nice action pose. I've got a lot of cultist type miniatures that I've been holding off painting because I want to give them all tech-like bases and I couldn't decide which ones to use. This one got a Necromunda style base but others might get some different styles since I've become more motivated to get them painted after finishing this one.


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