Three Random Sci Fi Figures


These three just happened to come off the painting table together and their Sci-Fi theme makes for a convenient update group.

First up is a Sedition Wars computer terminal. I've painted a few of these already but this one is on a larger base with some additional fanciness on the base.

Next we've got a Reaper Bones lil alien lizard guy with a space blunderbuss. I got to try the Army Painter Speed Paints on this guy's purple skin, but I don't think the undercoat was a light enough color. I thought he'd work well with the overall Tech Bazaar setting, maybe a freelance mechanic.

Finally my first Gates of Antares figure, a plastic Freeborn Domari. I know that the next few will probably be totally different colors than this guy, but I like how he turned out. I think the inspiration for his colors came from the original look of  Bishop from the X-Men comics.

And here's a lineup with some other figures to show how the Freeborn and lil lizard guy stack up. From left to right- Hasslefree, Freeborn, GW Primaris Marine, Lizard Guy, Victoria Miniatures.


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