Alien Civilians and a Mono-bot


I was bullied by a couple of horrible people (thanks Jordan and Alex!) In a group chat to buy some 3D printed minis from an Etsy store for myself as a birthday present, so I did. I'd seen an ad for a collection of five alien civilians that I thought looked pretty cool, so they were part of the order. Ive gotten 4 miniatures from that order painted and ready to wander around the spaceport or tech bazaar. All of these are from EC3D

First up is a little Monowheel Robot that was just too cute not to get. 

Next is the first Alien Civilian, just a normal guy with a fancy jacket strolling around. 

And here's another normal guy carrying his techy box and wearing some red shoes (maybehe's going over to fix the replicator at the first guy's place).

Finally is this alien cyborg guy who is a little suspicious (maybe he's undercover?). 

All the alien guys came printed on these scenic bases and I'm trying to make them all match because they just have to.


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