Twinday 2021 Minis- Armored Cosmic Bards


I try to have a pair of miniatures painted on or around mine and my young twin's (separated by 20-some years) birthday. This year we have a pair of Armored Cosmic Bards (they're NOT Noise Marines). Followers of the Herald branch of worship of Great Bakka the Dragon Cosmic...

First we have Skuldr with his fancy red guitar, shredding sick licks in honor of the Great Bakka and his coming.

And this guy is Hayze with a classic yellow guitar, the better to rock out to songs of the Great Bakka.

There are many different symbols related to Great Bakka worship throughout the galaxy. Here we can see the differences in Hayze and Skaldr's symbols. They come from different homeworlds where different traditions are dominant.

Here we've got the Cosmic Bards with Wandering Alexi, another Herald of Great Bakka. Alexi's staff dedicated to the Great Bakka is yet another representation of the Dragon Cosmic...


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