Tech Bazaar 08- Finished TechHut


This thing has been in progress for a few months now but is finally open for business. I give you the inspiration for the greater Tech Bazaar project- the TechHut!

The TechHut is not just a good place for ethically sourced droid parts, it's also an entrance to the underground offices and workshops of some of the Tech Bazaar staff.

The pipe-sitter droid is either drunk on corrupted power cells or a whole unit available for purchase, just needs new software package to work good as new. This Reaper figure looked just right to sit on the pipe stack. 

The Generator has various connection options for charging vehicles and other things. I had an old multi-card reader that was a nice shape that I tossed in my bits box when it stopped working, it's not hoarding if you eventually use it!

The droid body rack and pile was inspired by something, I'm sure, but I don't remember what (probably an old comicbook scene). I just thought it would be cool to have a couple of damaged bodies hanging from chains and a pile of bodies on the ground. One of the hanging bodies is a plastic terminator from that recent miniatures game and the other is a Heroclix thing. The pile on the ground has a couple of Technolog bodies and one from Mantic (I think it was a Dreadball robot).

The display table is magnetized for safer storage and transport and has some cool bits on it. I've always liked power fists and I think this one came out nicely. The data pads look way cooler than they should for the effort I put into them (what will I do when that florescent green Partha paint goes empty?).

And here we've got a few 28mm figures around the TechHut to show how nicely it fits with minis.

It is not advised to stand on the generator even if your body is mostly cybernetic- it's just not safe.

I wondered if any Squats or other short stature miniis I have would fit under the generator and they will not, so that's a loss for a nice hiding place.

There are many more pieces of the Tech Bazaar to come, both built and unbuilt. I'm really liking how the project is going and I really need to set up a table with all the things finished so far to see how it all looks...


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