Paleolithic Venus Altar (Reaper Bones)

From the 4th Reaper Bones Kickstarter comes this impressive Paleolithic Venus/Venus of Willendorf altar. Though most likely to see use on a WarGods battlefield, I can see this being useful in almost any genre- heck, it could even work as a modern art sculpture!

I based the color scheme for this large version of the Venus on this much earlier Venus from Forge of Ice. At the time of painting I couldn't find the Forge of Ice mini so went from memory with fine results.

The paintjob was fairly simple with layers of drybrushing and washes to get that ancient worn look.

Above, we've got the oft-present Sleazy Merchant from Forge of Ice alongside the Forge of Ice Venus presenting an offering to the fertility statue.

Below, the scroll-travelling Shefdu Sootootma and some other cosmic adventurers admire the fertility altar as a welcome break from their usually much more perilous travels.


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