Monkey Miniatures- Not-Jokaero (First 3)

Monkey Miniatures had a Kickstarter for these pretty cool Space Monkeys with laser rifles earlier this year. I loved the look of them and had to get a set. They're NOT Jokaero- I've already got a set of "Jokaero" so I'm thinking I'll use these as a less advanced cousin species to the Jokaero that I'm currently referring to as "Fakaero" because I'm very creative...

Above we've got a comparison with my conversions for "actual" Jokaero. The Fakaero are more lanky than their more advanced cousins. I plan on doing a few minor conversions on some of the rest of the 10 Fakaero eventually.

Here are some comparison shots with other 28mm miniatures:

Above- with a converted iKore Marine and a Wargames Factory Greatcoat Cthood Trooper.  Below- with a Hasslefree not-Starfleet officer and a Diehard Miniatures Killbot.
Below- wrapping up with a GW Primaris Marine on a fancy base and, of course, Chewbacca from Imperial Assault (also on a fancy base).


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